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  1. Thanks, robdyck! The misaligned 1st fl. wall with the foundation was giving me the conflicting measurements. I must have moved the wall while editing and didn't notice it. Thanks for the help guys! I appreciate it.
  2. Thanks Kbird! Chief architect forum.plan
  3. I tried uploading the plan which is less that 5 Mb but get an error message 200 ?? Grocholl revised 3-20-24 1st fl..dwg Grocholl revised 3-20-24 basement.dwg
  4. Having trouble with auto dimensions showing a different value for the 1st floor compared to my basement floor? The overall dim. should be 44' as shown in basement plan. I'm using X7 Grocholl revised 3-20-24.dwg
  5. Thanks for the link, Kbird! I am reviewing the thread... Very helpful.
  6. What am I doing wrong?? Thanks for your help I am using X7
  7. I would like to use my raytrace renderings to advertize on the MLS (Maine muliple listing). How do I export the correct size picture to a website like mls? thanks
  8. Ok, Eric, I got it! Not sure how the default settings got changed? I do have someone else helping me with interior design... Thanks for your help!
  9. Sorry... I am not getting it? still have siding inside walls.
  10. Hello, I am using X-7. I started moving walls around on the 2nd floor and got myself into trouble. exterior siding on the inside and holes in the exterior dormer walls. Help please? Thanks Chieftalk_help.plan
  11. I added a light source to the raytrace, but do not want it to show on the ceiling?
  12. I want an on grade patio instead of a deck. Any ideas for steps from the (2) doors to the patio? Thanks Hodsdon rd. cape house chief forum.plan
  13. P.S. David, I tried updating my "signature" but could not find an edit option in my profile?
  14. OK, so I liked Solver's idea on lowering the front breezeway roof pitch which allowed me to get a window in on the driveway side of the dormer. I also decided to move the garage 2' forward so the back wall lines up with the breezeway back wall. This also gained me some needed room at the top of the stairs in the garage 2nd fl. I still need to clean up some glitches where there are "holes" in the exterior. I am not as proficient as David. Thanks for the help! Hodsdon rd. cape Chief forum.plan
  15. Dave, thanks for taking the time to submit a video to help me. I really appreciate it. I will get into it later tonight after my grand kids leave. Eric, interesting idea, I will explore it. thanks
  16. I decided to add a shed dormer to a plan I did earlier with existing roofs and am having trouble with the breezeway roof intersecting the new dormer wall? Help please... Hodsdon rd. cape Chief forum - Copy.plan
  17. Thanks for the help guys! I did not have components in my dialog box. I selected materials then walls in the room specification dialog box and changed the material back to drywall. Back in business...
  18. Thanks, Solver. I tried but have been unsuccessful. I am stumped... I have attached the plan. Luke_&_Salena_fix.plan
  19. "To fix it, go to wall dbx and change materials back to what is in original wall layer." How do I change materials? When I click on the "trouble walls" I get the windows below. Is this the wall dbx?
  20. Don't know what I did but I cannot figure out how to get interior wall covering back? Thanks, guys. Luke & Salena fix.plan