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  1. Thanks, robdyck! The misaligned 1st fl. wall with the foundation was giving me the conflicting measurements. I must have moved the wall while editing and didn't notice it. Thanks for the help guys! I appreciate it.
  2. Thanks Kbird! Chief architect forum.plan
  3. I tried uploading the plan which is less that 5 Mb but get an error message 200 ?? Grocholl revised 3-20-24 1st fl..dwg Grocholl revised 3-20-24 basement.dwg
  4. Having trouble with auto dimensions showing a different value for the 1st floor compared to my basement floor? The overall dim. should be 44' as shown in basement plan. I'm using X7 Grocholl revised 3-20-24.dwg
  5. Thanks for the link, Kbird! I am reviewing the thread... Very helpful.
  6. What am I doing wrong?? Thanks for your help I am using X7
  7. I would like to use my raytrace renderings to advertize on the MLS (Maine muliple listing). How do I export the correct size picture to a website like mls? thanks
  8. Ok, Eric, I got it! Not sure how the default settings got changed? I do have someone else helping me with interior design... Thanks for your help!
  9. Sorry... I am not getting it? still have siding inside walls.
  10. Hello, I am using X-7. I started moving walls around on the 2nd floor and got myself into trouble. exterior siding on the inside and holes in the exterior dormer walls. Help please? Thanks Chieftalk_help.plan
  11. I added a light source to the raytrace, but do not want it to show on the ceiling?
  12. I want an on grade patio instead of a deck. Any ideas for steps from the (2) doors to the patio? Thanks Hodsdon rd. cape house chief forum.plan