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How do you go about creating a porch with roof above where:
     1.     Porch Support walls are frost walls.  Frost wall height is 42", frost wall is 8" thick.  Footings are 10' x 20"
     2.     Porch walking surface is a concrete slab, 4" thick, and overhangs frost walls by 3" on three sides (abutts up to building on 4th side)
     3.     Top of slab is 5" below first floor sub floor (so top of frost walls supporting slab should be 9" below first floor sub floor)

I tried by drawing the porch area with regular foundation walls, adjusted the heights, but I cannot get the slab to on top of the frost walls and overhang them by 3".


Thanks in advance.



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30 minutes ago, DavidJPotter said:

I think what Eric did is to draw a custom slab and place it on the stem walls, at least that is what his image looks like to me.


Nope. Porch room with a room below defined by foundation walls set in.

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