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  1. Does anyone have Gazebo plans they would like to sell (or draw if you don't have a stock plan). Building site is Amagansett, NY. Basically an octagon shaped with two risers going all the way around. Roof to be Cedar shakes, open sides. No curtains or flowers, just the structure. Thanks, Lane
  2. I would like to combine some elements in "Layout A" and some elements in "Layout B" into a new layout template, "Layout C". Both Layout A and Layout B reference CAD items in the plans associated with their respective Layouts. Is there a way to pick items from A and B, then combine them into C without constantly having Layout C referencing the plans that are associated with A and B? I would like the Layout C, complete with all of the CAD items to stand alone as a template without referencing any other plans or layouts. Thanks, Lane
  3. On my plumbing schedule, I am listing all of the fixtures. Some of the fixtures in the library, toilets for instance have an "Object Information" box where all of the associated information, i.e. Manufacturer, Model #, Color, etc. can be added so it appears in the Plumbing Schedule. I am trying to add an undermount bathroom sink, but the only options I see in the library do not have the "Object Information" box, so I cannot add the required information. Is there a way to do something with the Symbol so the Object Information can be added to the Schedule? Thanks
  4. Finally got it. Thanks a million!
  5. I am still stuck. I have a layer "Auto Story Pole Dimensions 2" It is set to 3/8" Text. The Dimesions Default is 3/8" Dimensions re size, text does not. It is on Elevation E1/A2 I appreciate all the help. Nelson,_Building_Permit_Plan.plan
  6. I tried everything, and I can change everything except the text size. Is this just another Chief work around that wastes hours and hours of time? Very frustrating to say the least. In my case, changing the layer does nothing at all.
  7. How do you change the text size for Auto Story Pole Dimensions? I changed the dimension size, changed the arrow, but how do you change the text size? Thanks, Lane
  8. I do not know what the structure will be. There will be a note on the plan saying to the effect "Roof panel design by others". What I would like to show is a steel frame, probably a C Channel with glass panels overlay. But, I did a conventional roof with skylights, that gives the look I needed. Thanks, Lane
  9. I have a design that calls for a glass roof panels. It will be a shed roof. The library has some options for solar rooms, but none for a roof that I saw. How do I create such a beast? Thanks, Lane
  10. Hereabouts, any fire sprinkler plan has to be submitted with calculations, including water volume availability from whatever water source you are using, along with complete schematics, head sizes, pipe sizes, volume required, pressure required, etc. I stay away from it and sub it out to a friend who is in that business.
  11. This is how I did it. 1. Place the first electrical item. 2. Create the Electrical Schedule (I do it as a CAD Detail) 3. Open the Electrical Schedule Specification Box 4. Click on Labels. 5. Under "Labels" go down to "Callout Size" 6. Click "Size" and input the size you want to use. I use 7 because it works well with the text size of 3/32". I use 3/32" because that is the minimum size permitted by most municipalities in my area. 7. I also delete the "E" in the "Label Prefix" Box. On the Electrical Plan only Electrical Labels will show, so I don't see the need to have an "E" for the label prefix. That should do it. I hope I understood your question and I hope this helps.
  12. Yes I did. I do not seem to have the button needed to create the material list from the polyline. As for excluding materials I cant find that at all. I see where you can uncheck it from the schedule, but that still includes it in the marerial list.
  13. Is there a way to exclude certain walls from the materials list or any other item from the material list? Also, the materials list polyline tool....after I create the polyline, what next? Thanks in advance, Lane
  14. Hello, On the story pole dimensions, I like all of the text to be vertically aligned, and all of the markers to be vertically aligned. I cannot get them both to be aligned; when the markers are aligned the text seems to default to an offset distance from the marker. Is there a way to align both the text and markers? Picture of problem is attached. Thanks in advance, Lane
  15. For fifty years I have lived by one creed: Never give a building department more information than they need to issue a building permit. Now, though, every building department I deal with has different requirements for the code references and or specifications they want on the drawings. My typical drawing now runs some 25 sheets of D size paper. Way more than that when certain departments want drawings on ANSI C, whtich is 17x22. Almost all of them want everything relevant to the specific plan view or section to appear on the same sheet. They seem to forget that callouts were made because you cannot fit everything on one sheet. I can always tell when there is a Continuing Education School for the building inspectors.....whatever they learned in that school they want to see on the drawings. So, instead of submitting, re-submitting, re-submitting, I took a lot of time to put all of the information the local building departments each want, and now I get through pretty much on the first go round. You really can never get it is always subject to the individual inspector. Oh well, thank God for client changes after the prermit so that re-submission money can be recovered and profited from. Lane
  16. Hi, The little landscape image follows my cursor where ever the cursor goes. I want to get rid of it, but I don't even know how I got it there in the first place. It looks like it comes from the landscape mode, and I can see it there in landscape mode, but I cannot get rid of it. Thanks in advance, Lane
  17. Hello, When I place a man door in a garage, and the door is specified to have an exterior casing, the casing shows up on the bottom of the door, just as it would if it was a window. I want to have the casing only on the vertical jambs and the head, not on the bottom. Is there a way to specify casing on three sides only? Thanks in advance, Lane
  18. Tried to change the wall intersections, no luck. I suppose this is just another Chief Frustration point.
  19. Eric, No corner posts at the top All the foundation walls are 10 Block. Lane