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I am trying to get a gable dormer over a porch as shown in the attached screenshot. I also have a slight change in pitch as well over the porch.

With the change in pitch, the auto floating dormer doesn't work, so I know I need to manually draw it.


When I try and manually draw the dormer, the exterior walls won't show up above the porch on the 2nd floor. They just disappear right away. It's slightly buggy I feel that I can get them to show up sometimes, but once I attempt to cover it with a roof plane, they will again disappear. If I draw it within the interior structure, I can do it simply as shown in the video online, but that is not what I want.


Any tips or tricks? 

dormer over porch.png

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This is what I get when I draw it...


I created the building on the first floor, add a porch by creating half wall, then made them invisible.


I then build roof planes by setting a full gable on the left/right walls.


I then created a 2nd story derived from the first (left settings default), ignoring the option to move the roof up as well.


Created a few exterior walls on the 2nd story, then when I manually create a roof plane, the walls disappear. 

What am I doing wrong here?



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Why wouldn't you use auto roofs on a house like that and cut your time down by about half?

Auto roofs are perfect for a simple roof like that, and once you have the auto roofs set up properly, if you make any changes to the plan, the roof is rebuilt correctly.

New Image_9.jpg

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