Where's the light coming from?


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Using X10 Premier....


In the ray trace there is light emitting brightly on the far right.


As one can see in my plan, this room is deep inside the building and no windows anywhere around. There is a second story with a roof.


The rendered view shows a bit of shadow on the far tight.


Can anyone suggest where this light is coming from and how can I avoid it?


Kind regards, Tamela




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On 4/4/2018 at 10:05 AM, TKInteriors said:

Yes, as mentioned, there is a second floor and a roof.




What about a Foundation ?  it's always a good idea to build a Roof and foundation , even if you don't need them for your particular project , other strange things can happen with "Light Bleed" in the scene .


And you've been here long enough to know to Post the plan by now :)   you'll get much better help, there's too much guessing otherwise....


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