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    • By K2BConcepts
      I have a Chief Architect Premier X9 license I would like to sale for $600.00.  The transfer fee for it is $1247.50.  Please email if interested.
    • By jessde
      x9   intermediate skills
      Can someone explain how to configure text in other than a straight line?
      Thanks for any help offered.
    • By Ravenquills
      Hello everyone:
      I have just finished a custom roof on a plan and everything seems to be in order except for one thing I cannot figure out. I am thinking as always this is something simple that I am just not getting so as always I have come out here for help. It appears as though part of one of the layers on the SIP assembly is showing through the edge of the main roof in the front. Since pictures and plans speak louder than words please see attached picture with my hand written notes on it and attached plan.
      Thank you

    • By PinnacleChief
      Good Morning!  I am upgrading to x11 this week and wanted to know what to do with x10 and x9 on my desktop.  Can I move these over to a zip drive and retrieve them later if I need to view an old plan that I made?  I'm trying to free up some space on my computer.  I haven't used x9 since I upgraded to x10, so I'm assuming that once I upgrade to x11, I won't be using x10 either.  What do you guys do?
    • By Ajay44
      No longer using the software so I am selling it for $1600.00 or best reasonable offer. I will handle the license transfer and fee. If you are interested, give me a reply and we can discuss the details.