Reflections not showing in X10 PBR


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On bended knee, I beg to find out why I can NO LONGER get reflections on mirrors. My library of Materials is up to date. Please note the little toolbar of buttons from the Cross Section Slider tools. Light are set to 100 and only 3 are on, there is a window in the WC. The White Frames have a material with Emissivity of 5 (Lamp Shade). I love PBR , sort of. 


I'd appreciate your thoughts, ~Cheryl

3-27 Settings - no reflections showing.PNG

3-27 Settings lighting.PNG

3-27 Mirror Materials.PNG

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Here is one I'm just working on with two mirrors. They are just the standard mirror from the core library.




My suspicion is that your issue is lighting related. It seems that in PBR'ing these reflective properties are very dependent upon the angle at which light strikes their surface in respect to the cameras angle. You could try adding an area 3D light to get more light bouncing around the room. Also, make sure you have reflections turned on in the cameras DBX.

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Personally these new reflective properties are a "Disaster". They are way too sensitive to light and camera angles and as such the degree of reflectivity varies greatly between multiple camera views within a scene. It seems impossible to get decent reflections on counter tops, they always look matte in most camera views, especially light/white marble tops.

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It's the MATERIAL! Why would one material work yesterday and not today? Why does another Mirror material work today?  I need a Coke!


When I found that the Long Wall Mirror reflected, I used the material Painter - Room to change the other little mirrors. The little mirrors DID NOT MOVE and neither did the camera.


3-27 Merry Christmas.PNG


3-27 Used Material Painter Room to change all.PNG

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I remember what it was.  First,  try to paint your mirrors with a mirror material...  I bet it will not work.  It is not so much the material but what you are painting.... IOW,  is that MIRROR a psolid or a slab or something else......  what I am saying is there are some solids that will never take a mirror material....  I cannot explain it any better

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8 hours ago, Cheryl_C_Crane said:

I painted the archtop mirrors from the CA Lib. with the other Mirror material and they started reflecting, too. Is it possible that some longtime Chieftans have too many mirror materials and need a library purge? But, we can't delete a CA material.

YES, I have many old mirrors, and with all these new materials I'm getting many doubles and not sure which one to use.

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Here's my tip for the day...


You may not be able to delete all your materials, but you CAN Merge them.  In doing so you are essentially deleting all the others. 


Also, just inspect the material settings and keep the one that is set up properly.  Mirrors for example...Make sure the material class is set to Mirror with a high reflection setting and set the type and color of the material to whatever you want it to be.  Its not that materials "don't work", its just that the settings need to be correct. 


Okay, that was 2 tips, but hopefully they help you out.

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