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How do you arch the top of a wall or full height cabinet to make it look like furniture?

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First with full arch was a quicky since the cabinets with cureve were existing and doing a favor to add the dark corner cabinets. Used an arched door way, fiddled with walls, forced cabinets in place, converted from a cad detail to create the molding.

Second is not curved top but gets the idea- how it would be done IRL by adding a pediment at the top- make a custom symbol, that's what is on the top of this cabinet.

Third and plan slapped together as principle if you needed curved doors as well. Custom door (stretch plane defined to prevent height resize), mess with the cabinet and add a custom pediment at the top.

screen 040.png

screen 043.png

screen 044.png

Arch door.plan

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I did one similar to this a couple of years ago. I think I used polyline solids and 3d molding lines for the custom head and trim. I would probably create the front in a CAD detail and copy the linework to create the components and then convert to the 3D elements.

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This should get you started. Began with a line, determine points for curve and add breaks, check the dimensions, convert to curve.

Then add sides and bottoms till it is a polyline. Copy in place, move one copy disconnect everything but the curve.

Convert the curve to 3d molding line.

Convert the polyline to a Psolid.

Mess with the sides of the moldings (tip add break points first)

Scroll work is in library.

If you want beaded inset and chamfers I've posted stuff on that in symbols a while back- not for the faint hearted that bit..

Have fun. This took under 15 minutes but expect to spend a lot more time if just learning this stuff. Save often!! :)


Curved top.plan

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Chief has a video for creating a custom cabinet over a range/hoodfan (I think) which you should look for a watch ... with an arched top very similar to your image.

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Go to the Chief Architect website and look around and see what is there.  Tons of stuff that will take more time than you have if you were to watch/read it all.  Use the search box and see what comes up.

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