Existing vs. new walls

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Very new user here, so please bear with me.

Using X9 on a 64 bit Windows desktop, just recently installed.

My 'normal' drawing formats show existing walls with just two solid lines (Unfilled), demo'd walls with two dashed lines (Unfilled) and all new walls have "poche" or hatch pattern(s) within the two solid lines (filled) depending on their type.  [Typically 2D plans]

Is there any way to set up wall types or whatever to print this way? Usually plot in B/W or greyscale only, so existing wall hatch 'colors' don't help.

I don't mind if the existing walls look identical to new walls in the camera and ortho views, but for printing an existing and/or demolition plan I'd like it to show this way.

Any ideas?


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Very easy to do:



I suggest reading the Reference Manual section that discusses wall definitions.

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I have 2 sets of walls ,1 for new and 1 for existing. They are exactly the same except for wall fills, existing having no fill. New having a light blue fill so when printed in grayscale they come out gray. The darker the blue you make it the darker the gray fill will be.. You may also have to create new walls as you go along with special conditions.



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I have always had a demo plan, where the demo'd walls have been moved to the Demo layer, which is dashed. (Fast with the Layer Painter.) Then, I have the "Proposed" plan, which shows new and existing walls, with the new walls shown by using the Wall Hatch tool. (If you have multiple patches in a long wall, I think it's better to have multiple short hatches rather than breaking up the wall into many small pieces with different wall definitions. (More stable display.) You can also  put the entire existing plan as a block on a dashed layer "below" the existing plan, so that when you remove a wall, the dashed wall lines appear.

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7 hours ago, JNWArchitect said:

so existing wall hatch 'colors' don't help.

Have you played with the "Color Off Is" setting in Preferences...Appearance...Display.

You can select ether Black and White or Greyscale.

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