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  1. Hello- I am in need of assistance with creating a 'realistic' image of a custom home for marketing purposes. I thought I could provide the service to my client, but my video card does not support PBR. The files are attached. Please feel free to contact me to discuss. Looking for a proposal / bid to generate one or two views for their marketing of the home. The existing file is fairly basic and may need some additional work to maximize the effect. Thank you. Jon Westphal - Architect (916) 804-0183 jon@jnwarchitect.com Using X13 on a Dell XPS Desktop 1933_Base_062321.zip
  2. Thanks again for all the great help in this forum! I had forgotten about the Edit all Floors option...
  3. I received a 'preliminary' file from a client where they drew all of the buildings in a multi-building complex in one .plan file. I'd like to separate then into individual .plan files to create the construction documents sets. Which I plan to do using the 'save-as' command and deleting the buildings I don't need thus creating a separate .plan file for each building. The trouble is that I'd like them to all be aligned with the XY axis for each building. Some of the plans drawn are 15-30 degrees or some amount off of horizontal which makes dealing with them more difficult. Is there an easy way to rotate the plans to align with the XY axis? I'd hate to have to re-draw them all since they're fairly complete right now. Using X12 for now, but I just downloaded X13. Thanks
  4. Couldn't find info in a search of this forum... Need to show horizontal railings at stairs - Project has six rails that follow the stair slope. Also, How do you add a library 'panel' to the stair dialog? (I was looking at cable railings from the on-line content, but not sure how to get it into the stair dialog.)
  5. Hi guys (& gals) I have looked through the forums but cannot seem to find how to get casing on three sides of a window, but not the bottom. The windows sit on top of a brick wainscot w/ no trim on the exterior. Thanks in advance!
  6. My windows taskbar will pop-up and cover my Chief bar when I get reminders in one of the programs that are listed in the windows taskbar. I usually can just delete / clear the reminder and the windows taskbar rehides itself
  7. Alaskan_son- I just was simplifying my response as I didn’t have the file available and I had 22-25 layout sets in the drawings. You are probably correct with the plan archive file comment and I will look into it this week. It really looks to me like it wasn’t saved when or where I thought it was.
  8. Just to update... The actual 'layout' file was not lost. It was most, but not all of the 'layout sets' that were sent to that layout that went 'missing'. (& still are) I had a site plan and several portions of that site plan at a different scale (layout sets 1,2 & 3) a main floor plan (layout set 4), a second floor plan (layout set 5) and some of the elevations (layout sets 6,7 & 8) that still show up correctly on my main LAYOUT sheet. Unfortunately, there were a lot more (~dozen) layout sets that no longer are linked between the .plan file and the .layout file. (Ceiling plan, roof plan,several interior elevations, electrical plan - 1st floor, electrical plan -2nd floor, etc.) Those were layout sets 9, 10, 11 and higher. These are still missing. I had printed the file to a PDF before they disappeared so I was able to use that to get the deadline met (kinda) However, once I receive plan check corrections, I'm sure I'll have to spend the time to 'regenerate' the missing layout sets. Still, I appreciate all of the kind words, help and encouragement from all of you! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year!
  9. Thanks Dermot for your response, but I have one folder for all of my project files. Within that folder they are separated by job number and within each of those i have a drawing folder (along with correspondence and images folders) This has been my standard operating procedure since i first started using CAD. (AutoCAD for twenty years prior) I have not changed folders or drives at all, recently or otherwise. The weird thing is that it seems like the plan file was not saved after the last session. But i save things religiously since I've had issues before by NOT saving a file. The fact that there isn't even a .bak file for the plan file in ANY folder (archives or otherwise) is also puzzling. I think it is the holiday grinch! No, seriously! Every single year around Christmas time my computer does something to cause me serious headache. One year the entire hard drive crashed and i had many projects that i had to re-do. (Now I back up regularly as well. - Come to think of it, I better check those archives...) Anyway, I appreciate all of your guy's help, but I think i'm just scr**wed again.
  10. There is no "Archive" folder in my Chief Architect Premier (X11) folder... The Tools>Layout>Referenced plan Files didn't do anything. It is linked to the correct plan file, but for some reason that plan file is missing the data. I appreciate your help though... just looks like i get to spend more time (that I do not have) to re-do everything. :-( I was able to find the archive file in the OneDrive folder (which i never use), but there wasn't anything different in that file that would help.
  11. Just spent most of last Saturday working on a set of custom home plans. Opened the Layout drawing today and got a notification that several (many) of the plan drawings sent to layout were missing. Had no option but to cancel out of each alert box and then found that many of the plan files sent to the Layout were no longer there! All of my reflected ceiling plans, electrical plans and 8 exterior elevations no longer were linked between .plan and .layout. AND the plan files don't even show the data! Fortunately, I made a PDF of the file before i closed it last weekend that I can use temporarily (you know... the year end code-change rush!) , but I'll now need to spend another bunch of hours recreating the drawings. (I attached the A5 & A6 sheets as they appeared last weekend, but now even the .plan files don't show this info.) Love the program, but this kind of s**t drives me nuts! 1933_Base.layout 1933_Base.plan A5_121219.pdf A6_121219.pdf
  12. Thanks - i just wasn't sure what to search for
  13. I need to divide a line into several equal spaces. Is there a command that will take a line and split it evenly into x spaces? I'm sure i'm missing something pretty simple here...
  14. Thanks guys for the great responses! No offense taken Renerabbitt, I admit I'm a self-trained 'noob' with just over a year of learning the program and probably did some many things 'unorthodox-ly'. I was just trying to get something to the client for their initial review and like everyone else, my time was limited. Solver & SNestor, Wow! I really appreciate the time you guys took to make & provide the videos! They were extremely helpful! (I also know now where to look on YouTube for them) The roof command is admittedly a weak spot for me. (One of several!) And I NEVER would have thought to use a 'railing wall' for the covered porch area! Great idea & it makes sense. The support from the folks in this forum makes using the program so much better than others I have used. I am signed up for the training sessions in Coeur d'Alene in September, so hopefully I can become more proficient and 'bother' you guys less on the forum. Sincerely appreciate the time & effort! Thanks again!
  15. Thank you Solver! I'll try that on my plan later today. I did notice on the image you posted of the correct porch view that the dormer in the background shows drywall as the exterior material like i was explaining in my earlier post. Do you have any idea why that occurs? Also, your comment about having a 'clean roof plan'... I struggled with that roof for quite some time and still it isn't 100% correct. Probably good enough for my needs, just frustrating that it was so difficult to put together. Thanks again for your help!
  16. Here is the plan file. Also, while I was messing with the entry gable, one of the two dormers started showing drywall for the exterior finish vs. siding. I couldn't fix it so I exploded the dormer to see what the front dormer wall materials were, they showed correctly (Siding exterior/drywall interior) so i even changed the drywall to siding and it still showed as drywall. I ended up NOT saving my work and reopening the file where it was showing correctly. In addition, I wanted to show the front elevation with the elevation line (not sure the command name), but it kept giving me a section beyond the face of the building wall. (ie: within the building itself) Trying a "build front elevation command" from the menu bar gave me a skewed elevation from the main part of the front of the house (perpendicular to the garage wall) not the elevation that was perpendicular to the main house. 1918_Base.plan
  17. Thanks guys, but i have tried to use the roof return on the gable wall that I drew under the entry eave and nothing happens. I got the gable wall by drawing a regular wall below the gable (on floor 1), clicked 'gable wall' to create the 'attic wall' and then 'shrunk' the part below the triangular section to eliminate the unneeded part of the wall. Still learning the ins & outs of this program so i'm not sure if that is correct. In any event, nothing happens when i click the roof return options on the wall dbx.
  18. Trying to recreate the entry gable in this pic for a client. Cannot figure out how to make the roof returns at the front and cannot figure out how to make the bottom of the gable wall over the entry arched. Any help is appreciated.
  19. OMG Drawzilla! Fifty!? Yikes! I thought the dozen cities I deal with in the Sacramento area were too many!
  20. The old "better to ask for forgiveness afterwards, than ask for approval prior"? Don't get me started on the increased bureaucracies in this business! (especially in California!)
  21. The local jurisdictions in my area (Northern California) are accepting electronic signatures OR wet signatures. You may want to check with your area to be sure that 'wet-only' are required. I think that most will now allow electronic. Sure saves time for me!
  22. Just thought i'd share my solution to getting a signature on my layouts so that I don't have to manually sign each sheet when submitted to the local building departments. I scanned my signature and saved it as a ,png file. Then defined my watermark to use that .png file and set it up so that it appears just above my license stamp. (That involves sizing, rotating & placing it so it appears how & where I need it.) Turn it off when printing for 'unsigned' plans and turn it on for 'signed' sets. Made my life a lot easier!
  23. Guess I'd better upgrade. Always leery about upgrading for fear of a new 'learning curve'
  24. I figured out to just copy/paste from the 'old' sheet to the 'new' sheet and modify the few items as needed. Problem solved. :-)