Seeking someone skilled in entering topography for my new house

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I am purchasing a new home and I have really enjoyed using Chief Architect to do what if scenarios on my property.  My new lot is much more complicated (on a hill).  I am looking to hire someone to research the topo maps and setup my initial state for my house and lot.  I have the blueprints for the house built in 77 and have already entered them.  But the lot topography is a bit much of a time learning curve for me at this time. 


I assume there is someone here who can do this for a fixed price or hourly rate.




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Not sure what area you are in but it is not likely that you will be satisfied with public topo maps for your lot elevations.  They will give you a general idea on a very large lot but not detailed enough for proper drainage and planning.  If you have access to a builders level and tripod you can lay out a grid and collect some pretty accurate measurements in a few hours and enter that into Chief.

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Are you saying CA doesn't have a "Lot Planner" module similar to Room Planner, where you could walk around the lot with a handheld GPS device and record the datum on the lot site for instant topo maps?


Where is that suggestion forum now? 

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Depending on how complicated your lot shape is you could just get  a builder or other how haw a laser lever and get a prity good idea then create a model from the levels he give you from the level. Way cheaper 

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Not sure how that would work with just a laser level, since the laser would only give you the z coordinate... and without the x and y coordinates of the z, that info would be useless.

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I use chief all the time for this kind of stuff.  I make models all the time for ideal lot placement.  Typically on lake lots with heavy topo and involving basement / stem wall foundation construction.


You can do some amazing things with Chief,....just have to think outside the box a little sometimes.   I do cut/balance calcs as well.


Not too hard at all!


Here is a recent example.  (skip to 1:30 in first vid for the "3d" example) This lot had 22' of fall across bld envelope.  (I am talking the client and owners in the video...but you get the idea)  @ 7:20 I go into driveway..etc.


Second vid the foundation "design" suitable for cost estimating.  (after optimized)  Cool part at 2:45 where you can really see what you are planning foundation wise.



Second vid is the foundation design (so we can do a rough cost estimate)   It will be engineered at a later date but done enough of them to cost it from this model.




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Thanks guys.   The terrain is just standard modeled.

The prop lines and set back are sidewalks (used for 3d visual purposes)

The transparency setting and can be used to make all the grids.   Just the stock black tile patter with whit joints.  Resized, and applied to a CAD poly line solid in the first vid to figure out best initial placement.

This works really easily and can result in some surprises.   There are times I have found a much better overall solution when looking at it this way vs a story pole and laser on site.   In fact, I now will only work this way when I have to set a critical elevation.


Our surveyor charges aprox 600-800 for a topo.   Cheap considering each foot of foundation is a few grand not couting veneer material.    Setting a home right from the get go it a HUGE step.

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