X9 No reflections in mirrors :(

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This may be premature, since X9 is still in beta version. But mirrored textures are not available. I always use mirrored slabs for swimming pools.


This is an awesome feature of X8, and I would really hate to see this not make it into 9.


It seems that the preferences options between each version are somewhat different, so with any luck this is just a beta version issue.



X8 Preferences.JPG

X9 Preferences.JPG

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Credit Glenn who had posted this in a different thread when Larry asked.


Try Defaults...Camera...General Camera...General panel, Perspective View Options...Reflections checkbox.

Or in the Camera's Specification dbx on the Camera panel...General.

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Awesome. Thank you! You guys rock.


Am very glad to see this. The pool water looks incredible when it has a reflective quality. Was getting nervous about starting a new house with the beta, but so far it's rock solid.


...Just need to figure out where the new features are hiding.


I did not see the other thread, so thank you for taking time to point this out!!

camera dialogue box.JPG

view from pool.jpg

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