Layout Template Sheet Sets: What do you need?

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Hi Chiefs,


I am working for a construction company, and I want to put together some layout templates for a variety of project scenarios, namely:


1. Remodel Additions


2. Remodel in Existing Footprint


3.New Construction


4. Commercial


5. Commercial Tenant Improvement


What I have done is opened the "Breckenridge Heights" layout files and deleted all of the project specific information so I just have the view names, and general presentation space outlined. There are 21 sheets included in the example, but I am sure I am not going to need this for every project. 


I am attaching what I have started so far below


I was wondering if anyone out there has done anything similar to this, and what kind of sheets they generally include for each of these kinds of projects. 



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I guess no one replied because it is up to you how you organize and set up your templates, just go for it, enjoy.



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My basic order:

Cover (w 3d views of the 4 corners)


site plan

floor plan



floor framing

roof overview

roof framing



interior elevations

windows and doors


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I would advise you to ignore the CA "demo" and look into examples that are pasted on this board.


Here is joey_martin's he lives not far away from me.




I took them from 



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Thanks for the help everyone, I appreciate the response.


Ultimately DJP is right, it is ultimately going to be up to me, and naturally it will vary from project to project (it is difficult to have a prescribed layout for each kind of project.


The jimmyp layout order is awesome. That is a great place for me to start, it seems the most needed information lives on those sheets, so I will set up my basic template to include thoise pages.


Brown Tiger, I really like those layouts. I especially like how there has been space put aside for notes on the title block. This frees up a lot more room to display plan info which is crucial. I would definately use those in my personal projects, but it looks like we are going to stick with the CA demo template as out office standard.

Thanks again for the help guys, I really do appreciate it a lot.

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Follow the national cad standards (AIBD)

Thus no confusion



Why?  Do you think the sub contractors care about the AIBD order?


There are (3) things where I buck the system: 


1:   The score of the game should precede the team name

2:   Right handed people should use the mouse in their left hand (and vice versa)

3:   The AIBD should scrap their system and use the DSHD system


 I have an order that makes a lot of sense to me for a number of reasons

-   Site Plan

-   Site/BMP Plan

-   Site/Landscape Plan

-   Elevations and roof plan

-   Demo Plan

-   Proposed Plan

-   Cabinet Plan and elevations

-   Building Sections

-   Framing over 2nd floor

-   Framing over 1st Floor

-   Foundation plan

-   Details unless they can fit on the structural plans

-   Electrical/MEP Plans

-   Standard Note P{ages

-   Title-24  pages


it's like peeling an onion,  start from the  overview and slowly strip layer away until you get to the core


Maybe you guys disagree with my  approach and would prefer the AIBD guidelines,  but you can't argue with me that the score should come before the team name when reading box scores.

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I always felt they should layout like an instruction manual in the order of work performed.  


And each page for that section having all the notes and details on that page so time is not wasted trying to track down vital info on some page in the back when the foundation guy is on the third page in the set.

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