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  1. Hello chiefers I am working on my own project but would like some advice. I am going to cross post this also to the Chatroom. I am willing to pay you for your ideas. I am looking for exterior design services. I want to make the outside look nice, but I also have some things in mind. This is an addition onto a 26x38 that is on a "camel's hump" of a hill. We have a great 270deg view. The terrain in the model is relatively accurate. The addition is over part of an existing 12' deck and also wraps around the back. The top of the addition will be a roof deck giving us way more outdoor living space. The addition has a 4' overhang on the downslope side as well as a 4' overhang on the wrap around. There is an existing shed not shown in the plans that butts up to the wrap around and rear of house. The joists on the addition are 12" and since they form the overhang, my fascia is big (not shown in the pics correctly). Advantech on the Ijoists and soffit brings me to at least a 14" fascia on the addition. The insulation will be spray foam between the joists. I would like to put 2" foam on top of the existing which would give me some options to match the fascias. ((Also not shown in the pics is the stairs which will turn left from the existing steps into a landing with winders turning right up to the roof deck.)) ((And also not shown are windows on the addition. The wall is currently built and framed with a continuous beam so many configurations are possible.)) ((The blue lines in one of the pics is an existing hot tub deck.)) I like clean, modernist lines, but I make Mountain Laurel Handrail so I feel obligated to have them all around the roof deck. I have been considering the HardieBoard 4x8 sheets in the preprimed colors. The existing roof has been torn off and will go back with metal. So this limits me to certain colors. So I'm looking for design ideas for the exterior.
  2. or turn the description column on Thanks Everyone!
  3. Any ideas why I have these duplicate entries in my door schedule? I tried copy and pasting and chief changes the label...
  4. Hello again awesome community of chiefers How do I make flat panel siding on a rain screen? not the section details, but I have seen some models here and there which look similar to eg hardie panel 4x8 sheets. how do i make the joints? lol I'm not sure if I'm being clear with my question Did a quick search for an image, so not like this house but like the siding: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/8d/f6/4f/8df64fe948b03104b3cc4116e5febdc2.jpg
  5. The wraparound deck is a force field against errant dimensions:) Thank you!!
  6. test attached. shift-A on first floor and nothing happens. shift-A on second floor and there are the dimensions.... test.plan
  7. Hi All Title pretty much says it all. 3 stories. auto exterior dimensions would not work on floor 2 which has deck on all four side. moving one deck rail to be flush and expose one house edge and it works. I tried it in a clean plan with one floor and same results.
  8. Glen good eye. You are correct. Why does it not snap to where I tell it to in the first place? Why does it jump? Is there a default for this behavior that you know? Thanks
  9. ok so here it is again with the snap priority. I'm trying to draw a leader line. I select the midpoint snap. chief prefers the corner snap. I made a video.
  10. 1) resize about now set to "main layer outside" I have a feeling this addresses quite a few things... THANKS!! 2) surfaces is NOT selected. I think the best solution to the snapping to siding issue is addressed by "main layers only" but this solution seems similar to my making the outside of the sheathing layer have the siding material for the model. 3) If I draw a joist, it does not show up on the bottom left or the material list as a "rim joist" or "mudsill" nitpicky I know.... angle snaps does not seem to affect my problem behaviors. Primary movement method is set to ortho But my problem is more that chief gives priority in a way I don't understand. If i extend a joist to make a corner, the move handle is in the center. but it will want to snap to the corner rather than maintaining its alignment.... Bumping/pushing is checked in preferences>snap properties. I found "cad stops move" and "wall stops move" and it looks like 1) this is on a case by case basis and 2) it doesn't address a toilet or cabinet stopping a wall from moving... (And I just had to check... there are no such options on toilets 4) I wanted to get a quick idea on some electrical outlets and only electrical but it was such a jumbled mess that I gave up with an immediate ctrl-Z
  11. 1) zooming is what I end up HAVING to do just because chief prioritizes certain snaps and does not have an ortho lock that I'm aware of. this is not really efficient and is what I'm trying to avoid. 2) locate objects does not say anything about siding. I have wall dimension layer and primary wall side checked. still siding seems like it should NEVER be dimensioned to in plan view. I should NEVER snap a deck railing to siding. etc etc Does anyone WANT to snap to siding? am i missing something? 3) that's what I do. I want to understand a little better why certain snap points have priority. I want to know if there's an ortho lock so my joists don't try to go crooked. I want to know if there's a way to manually create "Deck rim joist" or "Mudsill" outside of the automagic framing. I'm really just trying to understand the software a little bit better so that I can adjust my thinking if needed.
  12. here is another one. 5) If I layout some cad lines, and then use manual dimensions to bump things around, the cad lines stop the dimension line based move. same thing with toilets or cabinets etc on walls: try to bump the wall with dimensions: nope. have to move all the fixtures then move the wall then move the items back against the wall....
  13. thanks DJP for this and also your attentiveness and helpfulness on this forum. I will try those suggestions right now.
  14. Salutations Certain things chief is so smart about. others it seems to want to out wit me. a few examples as perhaps I am misusing or my expectations are out of line. 1) I draw a square house. I want a deck on one side to bump out at the corner of the house. I use a cad line to grab the framing layer corner (absolutely crucial and addressed next.) no matter what I do, which direction I come from with the railing wall, trying to grab snaps on different sides, chief wants to push my railing wall on the opposite side of my line such that I have to just drop in the wall and then transform/replicate it over 3.5. 2) why does chief allow me to dimension or snap to siding? I mean I understand the wall layers thing (...I think...). and on another new plan I set my siding material on the exterior layer of my sip wall osb so as to not have any siding to snap to. but shouldn't snaps be turned off for siding? like, does anyone dimension to siding? and at the very least is there a way to turn off what part of the wall layer can be snapped? so like on a standard 2x4 exterior wall the only snappable (?neologism?) part of the wall is the outside of the 2x4. Personally, I prefer even interior walls measured from the exterior of the framing. 3) when working with framing or other rectilinear type things, in this specific case running girders around a deck that has to be freestanding from the main structure. I get an outline with cad or railing walls etc. autobuild framing as this is the only way I am aware of to get the designation "Deck rim joist" ((same with mudsill: is there a way to non-automagically draw a mudsill?)) I use dimension lines to adjust the girders as desired. now it's time to connect them. well on a 3.5" girder the grip is in the middle. so as soon as I get close to the next one, it wants to snap to the corner, NOT recitilinearly but at some screwy angle. grrrr.... why? surely it should not be the default case that I want my girders to run at 2.7985 degrees. is there an ortho engage setting? 4) let's talk about automatic interior dimensions.... nah, not right now lol ------------ sorry. this is pretty much a rant. but I would like to bring these things to the attention of others since it's these little things that have me yelling at a screen lol =D ------------
  15. My basic order: Cover (w 3d views of the 4 corners) Specs site plan floor plan elevations foundation floor framing roof overview roof framing ceiling sections interior elevations windows and doors electrical