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Easy answer, I'm sure! (Camera labels/layout pages)

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I am creating my layout pages to get ready to send to engineering.  Being as that I am new to this, I make several attempts before I decide exactly how I want the page to appear.  With each new view that I send to the layout page, there is a running count label created (elevation 13, 14, 15...).  I want to remove and/or rename the label depending on the view.  I searched this forum and have found people talking about manual labeling.  I'm sure it is right in front of me, but for the life of me, I can;t figure out how to do it!  Please help.   :)

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In your Layout, select the view port you want to rename, open it and go to the label tab.  There you can rename or suppress the label.

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Open Camera DBX from floor plan and change name or callout label.  Also a good idea to save.


Maureen's suggestion will work fine for layout box label but if you want to keep your Project browser organized or use callouts go back to the floor plan camera DBX where the label originates from.

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Another option - one that I particularly like:


1.  Rename the view in the Project Browser

2.  Add a Text Box to the Elevation View

  a.  Place the macro in that Text Box & size it as desired.

  b.  The name in the Project Browser will be displayed in the Text Box

3.  When you send the View to Layout, suppress the "Layout Box Label"

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