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  1. What about sunlight? It blocks the light coming through the window. Do you illuminate the "billbord" at all?
  2. Hello, Great work. Where did you get the bed symbol? ..and other symbols also (Bedroom final mt diablo.jpg) Is this a Raytrace or Physically based render? I've been looking at importing .obj options lately. Not sure where everyone else goes for objects. Mine are outdated. Do you use
  3. Wow that's great to know. I've been thinking just to stick with the PB renderings vs the raytrace since I see similar output and quicker turn over. What I've noticed with PB renders is the bump maps don't always render so that is a small issue. Yes, I've been ray tracing for about 5 years since but always have struggled with the time issue. Just thought I'd ask what your 'go to' settings are. System Model GA880 GMA-UD2H System Type X64-Based PC Processor : AMD Athlon(tm)II x4 630, 2800 Mhz, 4 Cores, 4 logical processors RAM 16GB Virtual Memory 32GB
  4. Great images.... I know this is an older thread but can you tell me what your Ray Trace settings are for the kitchens? I'm struggling with the time frame ( 1 pass = 10 minutes) & I know this isn't normal. I've tried using a 72 standard resolution with a 11"x7" and still I'm dragging. Simple kitchen. Nothing crazy. I've resorted to using only physically based images since ray tracing is unbearably slow & unproductive!
  5. Please help Hello, so my search landed me here. I've spent most of the morning researching how the pros are fooling me on perfect renders. I've resorted to using only physically based final images because of time and quality vs waiting. #1. I can't seem to figure out why it takes my design 20 minutes to do 3 passes on a simple modern kitchen, only to find out it's too bright or etc.... (Please help!) I've tried everything. #2. I'm seeing that the magic comes from exporting a plan to V-Ray? Is this correct? #3. I looked into to get furniture pieces. Not sure yet if this is possible. 3D warehouse seems limited and unrealistic quality compared. 5 year Cheif Architect veteran System Model GA880 GMA-UD2H System Type X64-Based PC Processor : AMD Athlon(tm)II x4 630, 2800 Mhz, 4 Cores, 4. logical processors RAM 16GB Virtual Memory 32GB
  6. I was wondering how do your renderings happen so quickly. 10 passes, even 30 passes takes a long time! For raytraces, 1. What is your W x H x resolution set at? 2. Ambient Lighting ?(Uniform or Ambient occlusion) 3. Direct Sunlight? Enabled?
  7. Ok. If I need something I can send you an image & dimensions?
  8. Hello, No matter what I do the sunlight is either too bright or not enuf(5 - 1000). The added lights & mini cans are set to 20. Any shine or reflection is just lost due to over or under lighting. I seriously spend most of my time fighting with lights... I've tried adjusting camera settings, lighting colors, eliminating a background for window views... Always frustrated with this. Please help!
  9. Does anyone have a file they could send me to help me understand what others charge for their services? I understand that it is based on experience, type of services, & location. I do mostly renderings/physically based images of remodeling projects with a touch of Photoshop. Any literature is hand fed by my contractor to plug into layouts for permits. Any input would be appreciated!
  10. Hello, I guess it's time to ask this question because I cannot figure out why the program does this. Plants in the background show to be in front of foreground trees. I cannot seem to bring the trees forward and push the plants to a lower layer. Almost as if the trees are transparent. If anyone has this answer it would be much appreciated thank you.
  11. Hello everyone, this is my first post. I am having an issue with exporting my raytraces. It takes my computer a long time to produce a large high quality image, only to "export picture" as a .jpg and have it become blurry! The only way I see to save the clear raytrace is send it to a layout page. How can I save the image to a file without reducing the pixels? My output setting are set at: 1500W x 725H at 150 Resolution -> "Use camera settings -> "Use ambient occlusion -> Direct sun 1.0 -> Use photon map -> no tone map
  12. Im following your thread. Ive been struggling with the same problems...its all in the lighting
  13. Im having the same problem. I love the look of simple basically "standard" interior cabinet lighting, but achieving it seems to be an impossibility. Any luck yet? Im stumped. Ive tried everything.