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  1. I have a 2 story house. I'm doing a metal insert fireplace located in a lower level interior room with a 9' ceiling. The chimney flue above on the second floor will be within a storage closet, and obviously just interior wall type up to the attic/roof above. the chimney above the roof will have siding. In the lower level room with the fireplace, the 3 walls surrounding the metal fireplace insert will have masonry veneer or possibly a manufactured stone. What is the best practice for drawing the walls with the masonry veneer on the lower level? Copy and modify a wall from the Librar
  2. @Alaskan_Son Thanks Michael!!
  3. @solver-I'll give that a try. Thank You.
  4. @solver-I've edited the original post. Hopefully I did it correctly. Thanks
  5. @solver-How do I do that? Attach the entire plan file from CA? I did search here for info regarding how to upload images, what file types are acceptable, etc., but I couldn't find it.
  6. I'm having trouble with two walls related to some U-Shaped stairs. Per the attached image, I need the wall indicated to slope up with the stairs and the slope ceiling under the stairs. I've viewed the online content, including Chief's training videos on "Create a room under a staircase". I've also viewed @SNestor's video on How to Create and Edit U-Shaped Stairs. It was very helpful-thanks Steve! I think the issue I'm having is in my plan, I need the room under the staircase to extend beyond the limits of the stairs themselves, and all of the examples, training and videos I've sou
  7. Thanks. The first sight has downloads. Now if I can figure out how to open the .dxf or .dwg files I'll be in business. I might need a program or app that will open those. And I'm on a Mac and I don't know if that is an issue.
  8. How did you pull just this one parking detail from the TAS? I've tried pulling from the standards online and from the downloaded PDF version of TAS on my laptop. This is probably more about me being a dinosaur who hand drew everything for the last 35+ years. I just started using CA and CAD in the last 6 months and I seem to struggle with what are probably simple issues for veteran CAD users but are foreign to me. I also found the Accessible CAD Blocks in the CA Library. They are very close to what I'm looking for, but some notes and dimensions are not compliant with TAS and I need some more d
  9. I don't know if such resource exists, but I'm looking for a resource that might offer accessibility details that are downloadable (free or pay). I am VERY familiar with the Texas Accessibility Standards...I don't need assistance with understanding TAS. I just need the drawing details, primarily for the most often used elements such as Parking Areas, Restrooms, Path of Travel/Accessible Routes, Ramps....etc. Does anyone know of a resource? Thanks
  10. @SNestor I've used your process shown in the video using the Molding Polyline tool. The shape came out just how I want it to. However, when I went to add the stone to the base, it's orienting the stone vertically rather than horizontally. I also tried it using various brick and stone finishes-they always end up oriented vertically. Same for adding Cedar to the wood post. The cedar grain is horizontal instead of running vertically along the post. Any ideas?
  11. @SNestor-The video was very helpful. Thanks!
  12. I'm trying to figure out how to show how to partially wrap a cedar post with stone up to about 2'-3' high so that the post is exposed above the stone. Something similar to the photo attached. Can anyone give me some direction? I have CA X12.