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  1. BeaconHill

    Shadows in Layout

    I received a response from support. Here is part of the message: "I spent some time looking at your plan, I'm not certain how the plot lines got so offset. I've submitted your plan to our development department for further testing. Hopefully this issue can be resolved in a future update. In the mean time, I was able to correct the large offset of the view simply by deleting the view from the layout and resending it to the layout. Once I did that, I did still have the plot lines offset from the colors of the view, but not nearly as badly. " I already "fixed" it by re-sending the elevation to layout, but it is still shifted. But minor compared to what it was. At least they are informed of the issue and maybe it will get fixed in an update.
  2. BeaconHill

    Shadows in Layout

    Just submitted it. Will see what they say.
  3. BeaconHill

    Shadows in Layout

    Update: My Layout file was getting slow after adding 4 elevations using Live View. So I decided to switch the elevations back to Plot Lines until print time. One of them seemed extremely shifted. So I added a cad line and text in the working elevation to see where it shows up in layout. Turns out it is not the colour that has shifted, its the plot lines. Updating the view does not change anything. The first image is my working elevation and the second one shows it in layout. If I send a new elevation to layout or switch it back to live view, it fixes it. However I feel like I cannot trust it. Very strange.
  4. hi,

    my mouse cursor is disappearing from the layout? how can I get it back? It only shows when I hover across the tollbars

    thanks for your help 

    1. BeaconHill



      Not sure what would be causing this, but you may want to post it to the forum under General Q & A. Then everyone can see your question. Good Luck.



    2. BlueRibbon


      Did you ever get a resolution to this problem?  I experience the same issue.  For some reason, my video card updates even though we have it set not to.  Once that happens, my mouse disappears too.  Once video card is rolled back to an older version is fixes it.  Very annoying.  Is there another fix?

  5. BeaconHill

    Shadows in Layout

    Just wanted to chime in that I have been having this problem recently also. Thought it was because it was a file carried over from X8, but it wasn't happening on my other plans. Chopsaw directed me to this thread and it has helped me a lot... Thanks! Current plan has a 12000+ sqft structure and I had my Terrain excessively large for 3D and landscape. Shrunk my Terrain to just enough and it dramatically improved elevations >Plot Lines/ Color Fill. Not perfect but tolerable at print. Live View seems to be the best option for this plan. Seems to come out crisp. Fills are a little edgy in the PDF when you zoom in, but you cant see it at print. Will see how Live View works and hopefully I don't have issues with it like I do with Live View 3D Images(update on demand) as it slows everything down to a crawl, even when the image is not on the screen.
  6. BeaconHill

    Shadows And Color Fill In Layout Offset

    Thanks for the link to that thread. Didn't come across it in my search. Seems that if I delete my terrain it improves it quite a bit. But not perfect. Going to try Live View for elevations and see how that works out when sent to PDF. Had have bad luck with Live View (update on demand) for 3D images in layout though. Just adding one will slow everything down to a crawl and unbearable to try and edit. Even when not on the page or window with the image. Delete it and everything goes back to normal. Hopefully this doesn't happen with elevations.
  7. BeaconHill

    Shadows And Color Fill In Layout Offset

    Almost 2 years later from the last post on this thread.... This is still happening to my elevations when I check color fill. I have the latest update for x10. Doesn't happen on all of my plans though. Last plan I did turned out fine. Nice and sharp. But the one I am working on now is very off-set. Anyone have any updates on this? Been searching for answers.
  8. BeaconHill

    Door Schedule Question

    I also am adding specs for a barn door and am looking to add info in the schedule. I have added doorways to the schedule dbx. However, for some reason, when I try to modify the comments or description of a doorway in the Components dbx, it does not show the changes in the schedule. Any thoughts? I have used plain txt over the schedule as a work around, but if the schedule changes, I will have to remember to check on it.
  9. BeaconHill

    Soffit & Frieze Not Connecting

    Thanks for the replies. I ended up tweaking my roof formation and made the the planes all 8:12 and the problem went away. Looks better now, so was a good detour.
  10. BeaconHill

    Soffit & Frieze Not Connecting

    Hi all. I have 2 sections on the model I am working on that the soffit does not seem to complete and the frieze board does not connect also. The roof planes(8:12 & 6:12) are joined correctly but there seems to be a connection glitch. Thinking I may just turn the frieze off and do a manual molding line if I cannot get it to act correctly. Has anyone else noticed this issue?
  11. BeaconHill

    Flat Roof Skylite

    Thanks David. I've used the skylight tool, but a 6' x 15' skylight on the flat doesn't look so good in 3D. Might fall through with a snow load like we have had this year! I've found a symbol to place over it that gives a little pitched glass structure over it. Not perfect, but will do for now.
  12. BeaconHill

    Flat Roof Skylite

    Hi. I have been looking in Cheif and on the internet for a skylight symbol that would be appropriate for a flat roof. Could be a dome style or more preferably the pyramid style. I'm sure I can figure out how to build one manually, but thought I would ask here first. Thanks. *Sorry... meant to post this in the "Symbols and Content" section. ** I think I found some suitable candidates in 3D Warehouse!
  13. BeaconHill

    Change Plan From Full Foundation To Slab

    Ahhh. Forgot about that tool! Would have saved me some time. Will try to remember it in the future. Thanks!
  14. BeaconHill

    Change Plan From Full Foundation To Slab

    That is actually how I changed it... with the floor defaults tool. For some reason, the rooms are not following through with the default setting. I think maybe early on in the plan I changed something without going into the default setting and when I started to divide up the rooms, it carried through. I opened up an earlier version with only about 10 different rooms(compared to now with approx 50 rooms) and modified each room individually. Only once I had edited every room individually under the "structure" tab is it showing correctly. I could not do a mass selection and then edit the specs. So I guess I will have to go through one room at a time and fix it.
  15. Hi. I have a rather large plan(12,000 sq/ft one level) that I have been working on and the client has decided they want to change it from a full 8' foundation to an on slab foundation. I know I have done this in the past, but I seem to be running into problems this time. I deleted the existing foundation and created a new one with a 4" slab and 48" stem walls. I also changed the default settings for the floor to be supplied by the foundation room below. What I have now is it still being shown with the floor joist thickness(16") with the slab below it. If I select an individual room, the "floor to be supplied by the foundation room below" is not selected. I tried selecting multiple rooms to change this, but it will only allow me to do it one room at a time. Just wondering if I missed something or do I have to select each room individually to make it work the way I want it to? Thanks.