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  1. Thanks. They look promising!
  2. Hello. I am contemplating purchasing a new desktop computer. The one I built 10 years ago is still running well, but it sounds like X13 will not run so great on it. The video card I have, Nvidia GeForce GTS 450, is up to date as far as I can tell and it supports Direct X12, but shader model shows up as 5.1. Wanted to build again, but with the whole lack of reasonably priced video cards, a pre-built seems to be the way to go. I am in Canada and here is one I am checking out. 3070&cm
  3. Thanks Robert! That resulted in a fix. It took a bit of work to get it right as when I reversed layers on the walls, it fixed the door in question, but made another one switch in the schedule. Had to break the walls and then reverse that section of wall back again. All is good now though!
  4. Hello. Wondering if anyone else has had issues with displaying a door schedule with the 3D Elevation showing? I prepared a simple door schedule for a project and wanted to show L or R hinge side/door swing with the elevation of the door. For some reason one of the doors is showing the incorrect elevation for a Left Hand door. I have attached an image with it circled. I usually do a separate elevation of all of the doors with the door numbers to show the style, but thought I would try it this way this time. My understanding is that if you approach the door with the door swinging awa
  5. Will check that out also. Thanks for the suggestion!
  6. Perfect! This was exactly what I was looking for. I was creating my room labels the same way as you, except I was missing the %room.schedule_number% macro. I am also going to try using %floor_number% in the "schedule number prefix" instead of 0 to see if it will show the floor number. Thanks!
  7. Hi there. I am working on a room finish schedule for a commercial layout and want to number the rooms and have the numbers referenced in the schedule. I can get a column "Number" to show in the schedule that has R01, R02 etc., but I cannot figure out how to get this to connect to show on the plan. Have tried a text macro, but can't find %room.number% as an option. Would also like to have them numbered 101, 102 for the first floor and 201, 202 etc. for the second floor instead of the R01 numbering system. Anyone have any insight? Thanks, Stephen
  8. Oh shoot! Thanks! I knew I was missing something. Have done this before and it worked so was having a hard time understanding why it wasn't now. I guess I forgot to switch it to a panel. Thanks again!
  9. Just looking to do this on a deck off of a horse barn and trying to apply the Glass X symbol to the balusters. For some reason they are showing up 90 degrees to what is expected. I have looked for a setting to rotate them, but cannot find anything. Am I missing something? This happens with any railing symbol I apply. Will probably place and resize the symbol manually anyway, but thought I should ask if this happens to anyone else or am I just doing it wrong?
  10. I received a response from support. Here is part of the message: "I spent some time looking at your plan, I'm not certain how the plot lines got so offset. I've submitted your plan to our development department for further testing. Hopefully this issue can be resolved in a future update. In the mean time, I was able to correct the large offset of the view simply by deleting the view from the layout and resending it to the layout. Once I did that, I did still have the plot lines offset from the colors of the view, but not nearly as badly. " I already "fixed" it by re-sen
  11. Just submitted it. Will see what they say.
  12. Update: My Layout file was getting slow after adding 4 elevations using Live View. So I decided to switch the elevations back to Plot Lines until print time. One of them seemed extremely shifted. So I added a cad line and text in the working elevation to see where it shows up in layout. Turns out it is not the colour that has shifted, its the plot lines. Updating the view does not change anything. The first image is my working elevation and the second one shows it in layout. If I send a new elevation to layout or switch it back to live view, it fixes it. However I feel like I cannot trust it.
  13. hi,

    my mouse cursor is disappearing from the layout? how can I get it back? It only shows when I hover across the tollbars

    thanks for your help 

    1. BeaconHill



      Not sure what would be causing this, but you may want to post it to the forum under General Q & A. Then everyone can see your question. Good Luck.



    2. BlueRibbon


      Did you ever get a resolution to this problem?  I experience the same issue.  For some reason, my video card updates even though we have it set not to.  Once that happens, my mouse disappears too.  Once video card is rolled back to an older version is fixes it.  Very annoying.  Is there another fix?

  14. Just wanted to chime in that I have been having this problem recently also. Thought it was because it was a file carried over from X8, but it wasn't happening on my other plans. Chopsaw directed me to this thread and it has helped me a lot... Thanks! Current plan has a 12000+ sqft structure and I had my Terrain excessively large for 3D and landscape. Shrunk my Terrain to just enough and it dramatically improved elevations >Plot Lines/ Color Fill. Not perfect but tolerable at print. Live View seems to be the best option for this plan. Seems to come out crisp. Fills are a little edgy in the P
  15. Thanks for the link to that thread. Didn't come across it in my search. Seems that if I delete my terrain it improves it quite a bit. But not perfect. Going to try Live View for elevations and see how that works out when sent to PDF. Had have bad luck with Live View (update on demand) for 3D images in layout though. Just adding one will slow everything down to a crawl and unbearable to try and edit. Even when not on the page or window with the image. Delete it and everything goes back to normal. Hopefully this doesn't happen with elevations.