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  1. Exactly ... re a better search engine WITHIN the chief catalog ....... I'm always looking for an outside faucet and they call it a hose bibb or something **&(*)!!! Thanks Cheryl Happy Holidays
  2. did you see the plan view that I was talking about .... plant images like this
  3. Does anyone have a site to OBTAIN MORE PLANTS THAN IN THE CHIEF CATALOGS? I do a lot of landscape design - and really could use MORE PLANTS ........... 2nd question - EASIEST WAY TO ALTER THE 2D PLANT IMAGE IN COLOR (versus most plant images in 2d are black/white) ... AND STORE THE 2d symbol along with the plant etc
  4. and I mean thanks ... not a sarcastic thanks a bunch
  5. THANKS MICHAEL !!! something new to learn re hotkeys thanks a bunch
  6. Where is the BUILD FIREPLACE in the x11 dropdown tabs?
  7. THANKS ! I just updated library files a week ago to make sure that I had everything - somehow this wasn't in there .... THANK YOU ! I wish there was a way to EASILY recategorize some of chief's categories ... better SEARCH engine within their library would help THANK YOu !
  8. What happened to the kitchen potracks that Chief used to have?