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  1. Use a copy of you rafter, rotated, but on the same plain.
  2. I'm with Larry on this one. Copy...paste-hold position...change layer set-anno set associations But to each there own. There's a hundred ways to skin this cat.
  3. GEEZ! Don't I feel like the dullest shovel in the shed! I swear I looked OVER that setting at least three times without seeing it. Thanks David for your quick response. Love this forum!
  4. Sorry, searched the forum and can't find an answer, although I know I have seen it on here before.... How do I turn on the "S" and "E" indicators that represent the start and end of a line? Trolled through the preferences and defaults, but I just can't seem to find the right checkbox.
  5. How about posting the plan so we can see what is going on. Without the plan, we are all guessing.
  6. Sometimes it's just as easy to draw a CAD line from one side to the other, snap the wall to the line, then erase the line. I have a hotkey assigned to the line tool to help make this process faster.
  7. Thanks Perry, I will check them out.
  8. I would love to know what make/model you use for 11x17s...that is the perfect size for my needs but I have been unable to really find anything I think is worth the money.
  9. I have recently decided to close my business after 10 years of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. Although business has been good, I'm just ready to spend some time at home with the wife and kids before I miss it all... Anyway, we primarily were a custom deck construction company, specializing in unique projects. Through the years we have collected a garage full of tools that now I have little to no use for. One such tool is a Tiger Claw Installation Gun with some collated fasterners and clips. This pneumatic gun has been well maintained and only installed approximately 2,600 sq. ft. of decking. Not sure if anyone on the forum would be interested, but it doesn't hurt to post: The pneumatic gun, with approximately 300 fasterners/clips for $200 plus shipping. Retain for a new gun would be approximately $400 and the clips would be another $150 or so... Feel free to reply to the post if interested.
  10. Just remember, the align button aligns the outer-most main layer so things might go wacky dependent on how you have your walls defined.
  11. No problem. I'm always getting in trouble for overlooking those items right in front of me...humbling sometimes.
  12. You can use the native Preview app on the mac to do what you want.
  13. I have the same problem and reported it to tech support a few months ago, maybe during Beta. I assumed it was because I am on a Mac, maybe not. Enter each line individually and hit OK. DO NOT USE THE NEXT BUTTON. Also, enter degrees, minutes and seconds, i.e., N79d 87' 0"W.
  14. I don't believe there is a built in way of placing "fascia" on the deck perimeter. However, you can click on the deck room, make a room molding pline, and then assign any profile and material you want. Check your cross section. The molding pline will place the molding inside the room by default. You can move the individual legs of the pline to move the profile to the deck perifphery. If you don't want to use the room molding pline, you can turn any CAD line into a molding pline.
  15. Select the stair you want to replicate the properties and try using the "make default" tool at the bottom of the window. Probably not exactly what you are looking for, but it will get you closer.
  16. insert door.... You currently have a railing wall around your stair opening. Change the railing wall to a standard wall, move it under the steps, insert door. That's it.
  17. Scott Hall had an interesting series of videos on this exact topic relative to X4 or X5....maybe he could find the old vids and post them on his youtube channel...Scott, are you listening?
  18. You will need to use bearing lines and/or joist direction arrows to control your joist layout. Then you can manipulate your decking. I don't think CA will let you turn your decking parallel with your joists.
  19. Select the stairs, click the blue door icon in the lower left corner of the window to open the stair dbx. Many options...including the railings. You can open the online version of the reference manual by going through the help menu at the top of the window. If you have SSA, watch as many Chief Architect training videos as you can tolerate. Also, check the website for addition videos, THEY ARE FREE. Lastly, close your chief file, zip, and post. There are more people willing to help than you can imagine, but without your plan, we are all guessing at the problems you are having. Patience, lots of trial and error, patience....did I mention patience? Chief is a highly capable program, but there are more opportunities for user error than you can imagine....did I mention patience? The more you use the program, the easier it becomes so don't give up.
  20. Do it all the time with no problems.
  21. Ironic, I just ran into the skp file limitation this AM. I don't often need things from Google's 3D warehouse, but this morning I needed a grill and Chief seems to not really have any in all of their offered libraries. I thought I was missing something and moved on, but now I know what was going on... Oh well, if I REALLY need the skp files, I will bring it into the model on the PC thanks to the new ease of transferring the license.
  22. I have had luck with layout views updating by selecting the layout view, clicking the layer options button in the toolbar at the bottom of the page (the square tool with the "O"), and clicking the OK button. It seems to refresh the view. This does not work with elevation views.
  23. Don't worry, my attempts of help are often wrong Often times, I'm shooting from the hip because I don't have access to Chief most of the time...I just try to clarify my "help" as more of a guess. Sometimes I'm right, sometimes I'm wrong, most times I approach things from a different angle than most, often times I misunderstand what the OP is stating or asking, who cares! At least we are trying