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    iPad air 2 and room planner

    What is the consensus with compatibility between air pad 2, room planner and Leica, and if so which Leica? thanks
  2. If a plan is flipped vertically, all the type is forever upside down and the x-y co-ordinates are reversed. I realize it is much more common to flip a plan horizontally, but the x-y's will still be reversed in this case also. What is up with that?
  3. Doug-o

    Roof Returns

    Aggravating not to be able to specify a different pitch for roof returns in the "Auto roof returns" dialogue. If the main pitch is 10 or 12 you want to do a 4 pitch return to get that classic Greek Revival look. Using the same pitch is a mistake that shines out like a beacon whenever I see them. Is there something I am missing and if not, Chief put this on you to do list, we use these all the time in New England and I have to build all the returns individually.
  4. Doug-o

    Frustrated With Chief ....may Be Going To Softplan

    To make a demo plan in Chief, go to the existing floor plan and turn off everything except the wall outlines. (I have a separate layer set set up this way) convert that to a Cad detail. Change it's line properties to however you want to show the old walls on the demo plan. make it a block and use the point to point move to align it precisely with the walls. Place it on a separate locked layer. Now, whenever you move or eliminate a wall it will show the wall that used to be there. Chief could make this an automated feature, maybe I will suggest that.
  5. some x-6 features are not yet supported for Mac, and it doesn't say anything about hardware requirements on the viewer request page, so I am asking....
  6. Is anyone doing this? Is it recommended? Are there problems? Thinking about slowly switching platforms from PC to Mac but can't do it all at once and for all the people I pass plans between. User since V8. Thanks