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  1. Here's a real example in action. French door, inward opening. I want sidelights to be say 2" back from front of brickwork and inward opening doors aligned with the glass. This is very common over here in apartment buildings with Juliette balconies. The attached is a mulled unit, I have full control over window placement but not doors so I get a real messy result. Also, my sills don't show up. Any thoughts?
  2. Dear Members, Can anyone tell me how I move an inward opening door to the outside face of a building with a single wall layer? Thx Sean
  3. Thank-you so much all. Wow, so many helpful people on this forum, really cool!
  4. Seems like. I need SSD I think!
  5. I do. Mine snaps all over the place (except to the line). What do I need to do?
  6. Hi Members, Excuse me if this is an old problem (or a problem of my making). This window is not in the same position in the three views. In section / 3D chief is closing the brick wall (as it should be) tight against the window, in plan view it doesn't and there is a gap between window and brick wall. I had a design that required windows to be right at the end of the wall as allowed in X8 now and I noticed the difference.
  7. Thank-you Joe, I usually only use Chief to produce simple appraisal layouts before buying my sites then my architects produce the remainder of the scheme, usually on Revit (which I think is impossible to use, the say 'Chief what?'). Once every year or five as time allows I produce a scheme myself and run into a load of problems (no great surprise). I'm going to air all of my recent problems (and past ones) and then hopefully stay involved and up to date. Noted regarding clearing out the unwanted items. My last file was 120MB and boy was it slow until I had a clean out. Why does Chief write to disk every time I edit something? BR Sean
  8. https://app.box.com/s/ntl6cuvyo5dk6d93dx1es0zdrexy4rzv
  9. Here's an example attached. Lets say the junction between thick cavity type wall and thin (yellow) wall should be where the line is drawn. Try moving the wall junction without deleting or moving the window.
  10. Thanks All, much appreciated. The 18.3 update fixes the problem. The symbol approach looks even better.
  11. Dear Members, A simple question that I cant seem to resolve! How do I stop walls snapping to each other; I may want them to snap to a line instead for example. BR Sean
  12. Dear Members, I am a long time user of Chief (since 1999) and I have mixed feelings about the platform - some great functionality but lots of frustrations. I am in the process of evaluating Sketch-up Pro as it seems to be much more intuitive but I want to give Chief every chance, not least because I have used it an awful long time. I have just completed a 18 house development on X8. Whilst it went reasonably well, there are a number of frustrations (some new) that I have which I will introduce in turn that are just driving me insane. Problem 1: I want to place / move a standard house type onto a development using edit area tools. I assume this is the only way of copying a complete house several times into a site-plan. When I rotate a house containing mouldings, they often end up displaced, sometimes all over the place i.e. 'space junk'. I attach a simple example before and after using Edit Area (all floors) and this happens if I rotate more than about 20 degrees. Any thoughts? Best Regards, Sean Chief Architect Problem ROTATION USING EDIT AREA.pdf
  13. I'm using X6. Back in earlier versions, e.g. V10 you could create a new layer and "set as current". I cant find a way of doing this in one step any more.
  14. Hi All, There used to be a checkbox in layer display options called "make current" that was very useful i.e. you could create a new layer and make it current in one step. Am I missing something?