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  1. hardware lock isn't a bad way to go! Pop it out of the desktop and into the laptop and your sailing!
  2. ibuttery yes I was referring to Revit LT (lite version) which is about $1,200 but geared more towards light commercial. Having the AutoCAD background I tried it out and its pretty simple to use but just didn't have the residential automation like CA or softplan. If you don't have internet connection the yeah a USB key would be the way to go. Now adays most anyone has internet access unless you live out of town. AutoCAD licenses everything online now. Autodesk is making it mandatory to have a subscription otherwise you have to buy the software at full price!! That's crazy. So if someone buys AutoCAD 2014 and doesn't have a subscription then they have to pay full price for any later version! I see most software companies going this route in the future which makes sense from a business stand point.
  3. thanks for the input everyone...still on the fence tho lol. Softplan uses a "usb key" which is sooo old school! What happens if you loose the usb key? Then your out of commission for a week waiting for snail mail? Some one the features in softplan like automatic cabinets, speed notes, and custom roofs seemed really cool tho! I will update in the next few weeks after I try softplan more. Also there is revit lt which seems like a decent program for around $1,200. it can do residential or commercial but isn't nearly has automated has CA or softplan. It wont do framing plans or anything.
  4. The thing I didn't like about chief architect's trial version is that it won't let you save anything and limits you on what tools you can use. If I were you I would try soft plan and really look at that software, seems to be the best residential software out there. Google sketch up seems great but is not geared for residential just to draw a floor plan would take you 10 times as long.
  5. @ gawdzira I have been using the ssa training videos and they are ok ...the help menu is better for finding specific answers to questions. I tried it for an interior remodel and found it hard to set up layers to show existing demo and new walls then make a demo plan and proposed plan with several different options. Autocad has refs which make life a lot easier. That way you can reference in existing and draw new over the top and create several different files (that reference the existing dwg). I'm used to the ribbon interface (not tool bars) CA toolbars they seem so small and hard to recognize what they are. Softplan has a ribbon which I liked. Maybe I'm giving up to early but it was wayyyy hard to learn and I ended up just getting frustrated every time I tried to do drawings.
  6. I've tried chief for several weeks and and frustrated with the lack of cad tools, lack of remodel features (existing, demo, new walls), and the hard to use "user interface". Softplan looks like a better interface and has the features I'm looking for overall. Anyone else have the same problems?
  7. I drew my floor plan and want to change all interior doors to have no casing. If I change the default setting of interior doors they don't update the existing doors automatically? how can I get the existing doors to update automatically? Thanks!
  8. Lots of new things to learn :-)

  9. I noticed when I use auto interior dimension there is duplicate dimensions? really annoying? See 2nd pic. Thanks!!
  10. Also Lenovo makes really good computers. They are cheaper then HP i believe and have really a good reputation.
  11. Brand new to chief - Can someone share a good remodel template with me? Trying to learn how to show existing, demo, and new walls. Watched a few videos but learning :-) Thanks!!!
  12. newegg has some great deals that's for sure. I guess I just prefer a desktop (im old fashion) but to me having a full keyboard, mouse, and double screens is more efficient. I usually meet clients at Starbucks and bring hard copy's to review.
  13. Hi Kbird1, I actually mis-wrote my post, i want to download all the bonus catalog items at once But i think those may be pick and choose only.
  14. So im new to chief and downloading each section of the core catalog. is there a way to download everything at once? :-) -Joe
  15. ok thanks Lew, I will give them a call Monday.