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  1. So, I had a little commercial remodel where the client wanted something like this (which I am not recommending they do for a number of reasons) but it was just kind of interesting trying to get this to work. What I can't quite figure out is why the post to beam (rail with Follow Stair checked) rebuilds way above the roof planes. Raise or lower the roof planes, and the top of the beams follow at the same height. No roof definition so not based on a ceiling height. What is determining the height that the tops of the beams rebuild to? Roof Over Stair.plan
  2. Best month ever, this month looking the same.
  3. I think I've actually learned how to use Chief in what I would describe as a "sketchy" way but I agree the model can become a mess. For more complex designs, I often get through most of the schematic design phase, and then actually reconstruct the model from scratch based on the schematic design. As long as your walls are plumb, I think Chief is a great way to go. I learned to draw and sketch pretty well in college but I honestly find it a huge waste of my time, and my clients money, in today's world. Just my two cents. I know a LOT of architects are still very passionate about the centrality of sketching by hand. I think the most important thing about learning to draw is learning how to SEE. But once you've learned how to see, you don't necessarily go back to being blind because you don't sketch any more.
  4. I switched to Win 10 on my laptop, although I haven't done anything in Chief on it at all. But, it seems to me even just file browsing is much snappier as well. Still gonna wait a bit longer to do it on my main desktop. You do need several hours to update other softwares and drivers. Can't afford the down time in the office just yet.
  5. Trying to search for e-mails in Outlook 2010 was an exercise in patience and frustration. Ridiculously slow. I can search years of e-mails almost instantly in Gmail. And never mind having online access from anywhere. Looked into Outlook online before switching and didn't find it very highly rated.
  6. Just got set up to do this myself with my new tablet. It's a minor miracle.
  7. Changing materials on a per wall basis is easy-peasey for the exterior of exterior walls. The room definition just locks you out of doing the interior walls that way. Could stand a lot of improvement.
  8. I completely agree with this. Shouldn't have to jump through all these hoops. Shouldn't have to individually select each wall and go to the materials tab. Way, way too much clicking if you want more control than just painting the walls of the "room". Incidentally, even with the Wall Covering, if the wall has an exposed end, that stays the material of the room wall. The No Room Def technique doesn't work as far as I can tell.
  9. I sort of assumed it was coming up each time Chief tried to autosave. Doesn't seem to happen right away, but after I have a fairly large file open I have been working on, it comes up every few minutes. Will see if it keeps happening once I get the new rig set up. I went for months without this coming up at all.
  10. Started getting the attached warning lately. Not sure what this is about. Might be a issue with my hard drive. New computer getting delivered in a few days so might be moot anyway. Anyone else get this error message using Google Drive for the Chief Data File? Other than this, it had been working pretty seamlessly.
  11. There are also "hidden" costs to the old school way of dealing with water runoff from a building site. Loose dirt and silt from a building site runs off to concrete patios that run off to concrete gutters and run down through concrete culverts down to a concrete "river" like they still have in Los Angeles and so many other urban areas and fowls the ocean with all the pollutants that the water has efficiently carried with it from multiple sources. Meanwhile much of the water that used to soak into the non-concreted-over areas and recharge the groundwater table doesn't and we wonder why our wells are running dry. And the riparian vegetation that used to be in the "river" would not only filter the runoff but slow down the velocity and prevent excessive flooding. These are tangible costs as well. The problem with letting each individual make up their own minds about whether to use silt fencing and straw waddles on a building project is that they simply won't because inevitably people tend very largely to think of their own, short-term self interest and don't consider the long range and broader reaching impacts of their decisions. If this weren't the case and basic human nature, why would we need any laws at all?
  12. You're comparing a building material with innate fire resistance and moisture issues compared to solid wood framing to a distracted or drunk driver? This is what is known as hyperbole. Fires are accidents that happen even with the best of intentions and reasonable measures ought be taken to at least slow it down so you can get out safely.
  13. Don't be ridiculous, of course you do, which is why you feel so compelled to bring up your political stance at every given opportunity.
  14. No. On the interior they just stretch the symbol. Exterior shutters are parametric and number of louvers is adjusted. Too bad. Seems like they would just repeat this for the interior.
  15. Blah, blah, blah until it's your kid or mother's life that's been saved.
  16. Thanks Richard. Very handy tools for Macro simpletons like myself.
  17. That's pretty nice. Will have to keep this one in mind.
  18. Ah, right you are, thanks. Another one of those annoying, niggling little secret handshakes you have to remember in Chief. Should just work with vector view.
  19. Why doesn't the cross section slider work in orthographic views?
  20. Not natively, but you could just uncheck them and add them as manual symbols in front of the window.
  21. You might be able to do this with separate cabinets configured into one unit. Depends on the particulars.
  22. I use a lot of wire shelving in commercial kitchens and have found that if you make the "wire" of the shelf square instead of round (which actually looks better in the 2D condocs anyway) it can cut way down on face count so you don't have as much of an issue with the computer bogging down.
  23. I did learn two things from this. Show in Browser from the search return and the Fillet All tool.
  24. Sounds like you two will make great cell mates.