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  1. Bill_Nelson

    How to show a framed a Front view elevation

    Thank you Mr. Martin. That worked!!
  2. Bill_Nelson

    How to show a framed a Front view elevation

    I use frame elevations for the City or County planners so I'm not having to do multiple call outs for door and widow headers on each floor Frame plan layer. I don't think it can be done using cross sections, because if I move the cross section back clip to get all the main walls, I lose the framing for the main floor dormer with the windows and such. I think I will do the point to point stitch as Mr. Davis suggested. Thanks guys or your input. Bill
  3. Hi folks, I'm trying to show a framed front view elevation, but as you can see it's not going so well. I have watched a lot of C.A videos (on you tube & and on the Chief website) on framing but I haven't come across a video that helps. The basement &1st floor are the same dimensions, 60'-0" wide X 34'-0" deep with the exception of the large dormer being bumped out 6'-0". The 2nd floor is 48'-0"wide X 32'-0" deep. the three dormers are a bumped out 2'-0" to give the 2nd story the over all depth of 34'-0". I can get all of the basement but only part of the 1st floor and 2nd floor framing. I am using the Back clipped Cross Section. Do I need to make separate back clip cross sections, one for the basement, 1st floor and the 2nd floor then stack them to get a full view of the framed elevation? Thank you all in advance for any advice on this problem. Bill
  4. Bill_Nelson

    Macro ir Ruby

    Ok I figured out what I wanted to accomplish for my window schedule using solvers hw.txt. 1. Open CA-X11 with a new plan, then opened Text Macro Management-copied then paste solvers hw.txt. (Make sure to click on evaluate and owners object in Context) 2. Open default settings, then open window default, open label, clicked specify label on "labels Options". 3. insert macros %schedule_number% %window_label% %type_code% press ok and done to close the default settings. I turned off the callout label in the window schedule specification box. I hope this helps.
  5. Bill_Nelson

    Macro ir Ruby

    Thank you Solver for the video and the *.jsn file. I did import the X11 label window file. I attached three files. One to show what happened when I used a window schedule, one without the window schedule. I did remove the default window label from the "window Specification". Is there a way to have the window callout shown in the "right window calllout JPG", (the far right window)? Again, Thank you for all your help.
  6. Bill_Nelson

    Macro ir Ruby

    I tried the windowlabel.txt with my C.A. X11 and had no success. Thanks to all who gave in put on this problem. And I agree RobDyck, something like this should come out-of-box friendly user available. coming over from Autocad to Chief, I always used foot-inch in my window callouts, that is how I was taught years ago. And unfortunately, the last few plans I have drawn using C.A X11 and using the window schedule label (symbol) showing the label and not the actual window dimension,the city planners have kicked back my drawings wanting to see the window callouts and not a label(symbol). Maybe it's LAZINESS on their end. Thank you Alaskan_Son for offering your service. For now I will continue researching the ruby program and see if can figure it out, if ruby is what Is used to create a program.
  7. Bill_Nelson

    Macro ir Ruby

    Is there a macro, or a way to create a macro, to call out window dimensions in plan view from inches only to 0'-0" without having to edit the window label?