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  1. Thank you David, That's the method I want to avoid, because this creates a new version of the .plan file and creates the need for more storage space if multiple versions or revisions are created. Ideally, I would like to maintain .plan file in the cloud and have the ability to pull custom textures and such from the cloud without "complaints" from the software. If someone has done this I would really like to know how they did it. If this is simply impossible for the software, then I hope C.A. takes a look at this, because more often than not, architectural design requires a team to get things done.
  2. Hello my fellow C.A. users, I've had issues with the software because I often collaborate with other Chief users in one project. I find myself constantly having trouble with missing files. We use a central cloud storage and all my library items are saved in the cloud, however, the user on the other end opens the same Plan file and items are missing. I know there are tricks to bundle the project with all the custom textures, but this creates a folder with docens of little files. Am I going to struggle with this all the time? People who use Chief work solo? Have you ever colaborated with another Chief user in one project without these issues?
  3. I've observed that Chief Architect doesn't have a strong presence in San Diego, CA. Is it just me who observes this? I'm a small architectural design service company and sometimes I need some extra hand. If my job postings include Chief as a must, I get no resumes. The software has its limitations, but overall it's pretty friendly and generates descent 3D ideas FAST! I'm wondering why it's not more popular. Is there a San Diego community of architectural designers who have the same observation?