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  1. That's not true - I began having the problem on Windows 10, not 11. I have had it on two laptops - an MSI with 3070 8gb GPU, which started with Windows 10 and was later upgraded to 11, and a Razer Blade Pro with 3080 8gb GPU, running Windows 11 right out of the box.
  2. I've experienced it on both Ray Trace and Standard camera mode, so I'm not sure it was reliant on that unfortunately. Definitely more common in Standard, however, I also was avoiding using camera modes as much as possible. It also occurred in the material settings of individual objects.
  3. Interesting - no, this one came with Windows 10, and I'm avoiding upgrading to 11. I am using the latest version of Chief though.
  4. I'm not totally sure what the issue would be to pinpoint here, but I just replaced the new razer laptop I was using (hardware issue unrelated to CA), and essentially went overboard on the tech specs for this new one. So far, I've been using it for about two weeks and haven't had any issues - fingers crossed I'm not jinxing it now. Unfortunately it wasn't any setting changes, but just a much more powerful computer. The biggest graphics difference is a 3080 16gb, vs. the 3080 8gb I was previously using. A colleague had that graphics card spec the entire time I was struggling with CA errors, and he never once experienced the issue in this thread.
  5. I experienced this issue on Windows 10 as well, but my current laptop is running a 3080 on Windows 11. I'm finding it much more common in two scenarios - one, small areas with quite a few finishes involved (i.e., kitchen, bathroom, etc.), and often when trying to change material settings within the item options.
  6. Thanks! That sounds typical of my experience - if I'm asked to replicate it, the program works perfectly, but the second I want it to cooperate, the error is constant. It leaves the program functional, but extremely frustrating and challenging to accomplish work. It works moderately more reliably when on the laptop screen only, and not connecting to additional monitors. I have submitted the requested logs and files for two different computers that experienced this issue, so hopefully we all can all reach a solution soon.
  7. @Kbird1 I'm not sure that the X12 plans are the driving factor here unfortunately, but it's very interesting you noticed that trend - I started using CA with X13 only, and it's the only version I've used and that any of my plans have existed in. It sounds like some users above are in the same boat. I definitely agree that the crash happens almost exclusively in 3D camera mode though. The setting suggested above to set the Nvidia panel to default but windows settings to forcing Chief into using the 3080 does help quite a bit. It's not perfect, and since this error is random, I'm not convinced yet at all, but it's an improvement.
  8. Well, the louder we are about this, the better. From the deep dives in ChiefTalk in the past few weeks, it does appear that this issue is brand new to X13, so there has to be a fix somewhere. @mtrconstruction- MSI has a lot of nonsense gaming software/processes loaded that will conflict with Chief. Check this thread and make any necessary adjustments. My first laptop was an MSI (meeting all system requirements) and I found nearly all of these issues installed, and while it obviously didn't fix the problem, it was band-aids to it, and did help with the performance. CA support is very helpful and will talk you through all of the steps needed if you'd prefer. I would also definitely start a case with them and send in the reports they'll ask for, the more information their developers have, the more likely we are to find a solution.
  9. I experienced this on an MSI laptop with a 3070 card, and then now on a razer advanced with a 3080 card. The 3080 is improved, but not ideal. Does anyone operate with no issue on a different graphics card? I'm predominately working on kitchens, so often the camera view is working with a ton of image and texture files - but if I'm at or exceeding the suggested system specs, I'm not sure how I can be crashing it so often. My coworker does not have the issue, and I believe has a 3080 card. Thanks, I'll give that shot. I think I've that before, but it can't hurt to attempt again.
  10. I've been getting the following error message with increasing frequency: "An internal rendering error has occurred and the program will terminate. Device removed." It's generally happening in any kind of Camera mode, but occasionally occurs at random when opening an item, looking at an elevation, etc. Chief Architect support hasn't yet figured out a way to help - we've made sure to check for and disable any programs or processes that are known to conflict. I've also made sure that the graphics card is going to the right one for Chief. Onedrive is removed from the computer as well, and I've toggled through camera settings to see if there is any improvement made with shadows, bloom, etc. I have two laptops (thinking perhaps it was a hardware issue on my first new one), and both, especially the newer one, meet or exceed all of the system requirements suggested. The newer one with a stronger graphics card has been behaving much better, but the error is still occurring at random. Has anyone else experienced this and hopefully found a solution?