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  1. It is so awesome that y'all are out there and willing to help— my gratitude extends! I do not have any included light sources and know that's an issue. Mark, thank you so much for the zip! I'll work with them and attempt adding a light source. I thought I was fired by these clients and then they call with an emergency — life of a consultant!!
  2. Anyone up and able to give me some advice on getting this Quartzite imported material(second screen shot) to look more like the slab (first screen shot) I've taken it from? Third screenshot is my Library material.
  3. Would someone remind me of where I look to find out how to put the scenery seen from my client's window in to my plan? I know I found it sometime back but for the life of me, am not finding it now! thanks much!
  4. I am trying to figure out how to center the pattern on my library brassy tin panel import? I've created a polyline solid and used the imported material. I've played around with offset horizontal and that doesn't seem to work. I want to center the image in the diamond on the door on the right. thanks in advance!
  5. You have each been so incredibly helpful in my learning process — my appreciation is boundless! One step down, unknown thousands more to go!
  6. You have each been so incredibly helpful in my learning process — my appreciation is boundless! One step down, unknown thousands more to go!
  7. Yes Eric. Sorry for delay. Here it is in plan. I haven't designed it yet.
  8. Just an FYI for others if they have this issue. A Chief rep said I need to watch videos on Safari. It's an Apple control deal because I haven't upgraded to Monterey.
  9. That's helpful! I'll look at chopsaw's and then see where I need to go from there.
  10. Ok, I will look in to the elevation view, if not tonight, then Sat. Out of town tomorrow.
  11. I'm trying to figure out how to arch a straight polyline solid panel that I have put perforations in. I know how to do the PLS and the hole perforations but no idea how to arch it after it is formed? I realized while making it that it has to be straight first so that the perforations show up correctly in camera and elevation view.
  12. One reason I keep on Alyn, is because the learning process is exquisite (as well as painful!). Very cool Ryan, I didn't know about Vector etc. views. I now have the navajo on the teapot but still doesn't show up in my polyline solid?
  13. I believe you Alan — thanks! Do you know anyone?
  14. Ah, you all are the best! I am looking at all of your suggestions and will sally forth again tomorrow. Yes glennw, I backed up and used the zip file but still 20/6 MB not 14 (seems very small!). Wow gawdzira, your steps are incredibly helpful; however, when I make a material of the rug in the library, no image shows up in the teapot! I gather when you say card for the rug, you used a polyline solid? But again, I'm not able to paint a texture in the solid. I understand your first comment better now chopsaw in terms of the camera angle but still lost in terms of either getting the screenshot to sit on top of the rail or an the rug image in a solid so that I can put it on top of the rail. And I haven't figured out how to make a copy of the plan in order to input a smaller sized file. Though it may seem I'm hopeless, I persevere . . .
  15. Ok, I'll see what I can do!