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  1. No the file was grayed out and so no import. But when I go to desktop and drag it in, it works.
  2. Wow, that worked! Thank you ACADuser and solver!
  3. Doesn't allow me to import. I'm trying what I see online and dropping desktop image directly in file.
  4. I see one but not seeing a way to import my downloaded file into my User Catalog?. 01040230-1_Brown+Wood+Inc.skp
  5. Anyone else in the Southwest that has a library image of a spiral carved post or column like the one shown below they'd be willing to share? CA Premiere X12 iMac 10.14.6
  6. And also explaining in it that the repeat is coming from the tub — one of those blocks in my block that was not registering!
  7. OMG Alaskan! I can't thank you enough for showing me all the steps! I have confidence I can do this and am ever grateful to ALL of you!
  8. Wow! thanks for the youtube Eric! I will diligently go about following your instructions to the best of my best ability. I grew up thinking I wasn't very intelligent and I'm sure that's how I look here so I appreciate all of y'all's patience and care! And just ignore what may seem like female emotionallity — it's what I am!
  9. I have so many entries in the Library that I'm not sure what I sent you and what is there. I tried in one to enter -21" and the band went up the wall. I've delisted all of the entries and will import another material, put it in a Custom backsplash and play with vertical offset . . . again. I understand the repeat but I don't understand why there isn''t some approximation of math to use when adjusting the offset.
  10. Custom backsplash doesn't help — still comes in off. And when I do the vertical offset at a negative, the tile moves up instead of moving down. When I look at the image and guess how much to do the vertical offset, am I missing something? In other words, the diagonal tiles are 8.25 so I look to see how much of a tile is showing below the gold band and then input that guess.
  11. I'll try the Custom backspl and see if that helps.
  12. I have every time I change the vertical offset but I'll copy yours even though It's still not showing up correctly.
  13. Yes. And that is what you see in my first screenshot at right in the Library. Am I making it more difficult?