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  1. I have been trying a few days to close up underneath the existing as-built building to proceed forward with designing a new space on the 1st floor. just show concrete is fine. I would appreciate any help. Newell Cheatheam Chief 12 Moheb Building AS-BUILT.plan
  2. Glenn , I tried what you did, but still cannot get it to close in around bldg. What did you do?
  3. Gateman Inc or Mike Moheb , Mexican Restaurant Agreement 07.27.2020.docx
  4. The existing building is the same floor level all over 36" ht form typical grade or parking lot. . Yes it looks good. How do I get it to work for the terrian? The drive is coming up from the rear street to drive thru , then go out the drive on the steet.
  5. 1) Finished floor for this existing building is 36". The driveway in back is level with finish floor also. I cannot get the landscape all around to fill in under building and driveway. The drive slopes up to flat across as much as I have flat. The exist. H.C. ramp goes into a concrete porch. This is as-built plan and then I will design a restaurant on the first floor. 2) I cannot get u shaped stairs to work and land on the 2nd floor by the entry door. I would appreciate any help in accomplishing what i need to do. Thanks, Newell Moheb Building.plan
  6. solver, 1) All the walls that are dark black on floor plan are new walls in the remodeling. 2) the right side 3'4: added on side is new addition and new roof at 3:12 sloping into existing 7:12 roof. 3) rear Master Bedroom new walls extends out and is new shed roof at 2:12 slope and slopes up into 7:12 roof.that was to f.p. wall. 4) front porch is 2'10" bigger in front of existing dining 5) attached are a few pics of existing. I could not get living to coffer to 10' height. Hope all is well and healthy with you Solver. Thanks, Newell front elevation 2.webp ISr1yorgg42bqf1000000000.webp sky view of property.webp ISjjej9tv8i2if1000000000.webp AS-Built_Harrocks_Remodeling_06_09.2020.plan
  7. I would appreciate any help in getting this roof worked out. I have been trying to get it to work for hours. Thanks, Newell Cheatheam chief Architect preimer 12 713.385.3622 New Harrocks Remodeling
  8. I fixed it. aligned foundation with 1st floor.
  9. there is 120" to ceiling joists and the ceiling drops 12" (to 9' ) for suspended ceiling. I have tried all I can to get the windows and doors to lay against the wall and to get the existing wall between existing and new addition to show up.
  10. MeetingRoom Remodeling.Addtiona
  11. Does anyone know ho fix issues I have on this commercial remodeling addition? 1) Windows and bar cabinets are not against the wall! 2) wall is not showing on full camera looking back toward where it attaches to the existing building. Wall existing is brick on inside, unless I decide to cover it with gypsum bd! 3) I have a 10 ft. plate with 9 ft dropped ceiling 2 ft x 4 ft acoustic tile in new addition. x12 Newell Cheatham
  12. Chief x11. 1) Does anyone know how to do a ADA partition with opposite swing in womens restroom to swing in. Cheif only has it like mens rrs I have shown? the one in library only swings like mens rr and does not have one that swings opposite direction, to go in womens restroom!! 2) I have 10' ceiling and would like to have 9 ft suspended drop in 24"x48" acoustic celing ht this new addition. Can anyone help? Thank you if you can help. Newell Cheatheam 713.385.3622 MeetingRoom Remodeling.Addtiona
  13. I cannot get this front porch deck to build and have 4 steps. Can anyone help? It cust out beams when I try to do porch. Thanks if someone can assist. Newell Cheatheam x11 Katy,Tx. Apartment_Plan.plan
  14. Thank you Mark#D, Do you or someone else know how to bring the front porch deck up by Entry door with 4 steps to ground? Also put grass under apartment. Newell Cheatheam This is in X11. I have x12 but this small apt and main house in x11 281.392.3034 Apartment_Plan.plan
  15. Does anyone know why my pier and beam foundation floor joists and beams disappear when I try to do perpective and I have to back out of it? Open old one! I custom drawn floor joist and pads and 1 concrete block on each pad then drew beams and floor joists. I keep trying to pull siding down over to cover the beams and floor joists and then they all disappear. I need the floor decking to appear on a section over floor joist to with deck up level with entry and grass under home. I did this project in Chief x11. I would appreciate any help in this apartment. Thanks Newell Cheatheam Katy,Tx. 77450 713.385.3622. Apartment_Plan.plan
  16. Is there a way to add pre Mfg. brick to outside of the foundation above grade that does not affect the porches etc or parts you do not want it? Newell Cheatheam x11
  17. Hey guys, I ariginally had cable rails and now I cannot get stairs to go back to noarmal stairs. Ballusters are not showing and I need to deleter the cable rails that are showing up in specs. Stairs has been move from another part of floor plans. Proably something simple. Can someone help? Thanks for any help.
  18. Does anyone know how to get a 24" ht house floor off grade to sit on the Terran? they are going to build the dirt up to raise the slab I have never done this. I would appreciate any help I would apprecaite you help. Newell Cheatheam CA 11 raised slab issue.pdf Richie house.
  19. 1)I need to create a 3' x 6'8" with 1'4" Transom. I need it to look Similar to attched picture as a 36" width door. Would appreciate any help. Bedroom 2 entry door was one I was trying to make , then copy it other places. trim overlaps door on top. 2) Also home is 24" off grade built up under slab. any suggestions appreciated. second floor will be left unfinished for future build out . 3) garage door into house is showing below 24" raised for ada lift and steps. Thanks for any help. Newell 713.385.3622 Richie_house._La.plan
  20. Chief can draft $52.00 month veres paying the $500.00 subscription in one lump sum. That is what I do.
  21. I arm trying to make a cricket between the new roof and old roof. I cannot figure it out. can anyone help me or show me out to do it on this remodeling project? Thank you in advance if someone can help. Newell Cheatheam Chief Architect x10 NEW-William Dowdell roof cricket NEW-William Dowdell Dr-roof cricekt