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  1. You definitely have lots of experience in the industry and I like your logic in looking at CDs like a novel makes sense. Its interesting to hear everyones experience in this field, Im looking forward to others stories as well.
  2. Wow Jim thats an amazing house 10 fireplaces! Im guessing that must be in our around Carmel. Ive never even heard of a house with so many fireplaces, Im sure the finished product will be amazing. Clearly you have got great skills using Chief. Thank you for sharing this technique with me. Im trying to learn how best to do construction documents. Ever since I got into this industry years ago I was always put in the senior design role because Im great with clients and all aspects of design but the companies always left the CDs for junior designers even though I insisted I wanted to learn it. So now Im trying to understand what a California set of drawings looks like. What Ive realized is so many companies have different ways of creating them being a newbie with this its very challenging just to find the basics of what is needed. Im just trying to learn this to be confident in this area that I dont have much experience in. I appreciate you showing me examples of how your using Chief to do the layouts, that was very helpful. Thanks for the reply!
  3. By the way Joe I sent you a PM.
  4. Thank you everyone for the replies. Yeah Im mostly doing this for my own learning. I have been hired on as senior designer at many different custom homebuilders, arch firms etc over the years but they always promoted me out of the drafting position immediately and put me in a senior designer role. So ive done the conceptual, color boards, client meetings, submittals, permitting but not the actual full set of construction doc and left that for the junior team members to complete. Since I have missed this during my experience Im trying to learn all the different aspects of the field. Yes, Lew California is crazy probably the worst for drawing expectations so Ive heard from several different people. Thanks for the link Rod I will check that out! Patrick, yeah the chief templates and auto dimensioning seem to help me a lot, I love that. Once I get the hang of the drawings I think that template idea you mentioned will be a big time saver. Joey, yeah thats what my sections were looking like with all the interior stuff included. Chiefs example sections were so minimal I wasnt sure whats the best policy on that. Your right though having big details pages can sometimes be more confusing then just having the sections have more details already in them. I think including the details per section vs the details page is something I prefer, it seems less confusing. Do any of you remember chiefs CAD library notes including more types of simple California style foundation notes and details? Case in point was the simple California slab foundation. I only see one example of that in the library but includes some foundation blocking that I havent seen used around here. I thought I remember chiefs library or the simpson strong tie library having more varied details?
  5. Does anyone have any recommendations for sending cross sections to layout? When I look at Chiefs many CDs examples the house cross sections seem very minimal like many layers have been turned off. Im just trying to find out whats the recommended layers to turn off you want just the interior walls visible or appliances and fixtures visible too? Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
  6. So glad you decided to repost the old post because many great posts get buried over time and they often times have such great gems of information! Glad to see it when I did!
  7. Thanks so much for your input Joey and Joseph, I appreciate your time and help!
  8. Thanks so much Mick! We all can use a performance boost on our computers regardless of specs! Thanks so much for taking the time to show us this, I really appreciate it!
  9. What page in the construction documents do most Chief users show the gas lines (kitchen, laundry etc) on? Im viewing a few of different types of CDs done by friends and they vary. Thanks!
  10. Does anyone have any recommendations on the best way to create a ceiling plan in X12? Its the only part of the CDs I cant figure out. Thanks!
  11. Hi Michael.... haha its me being lazy. I just upgraded to x12 last week so x13 should be coming out in the coming months so I just wrote that so I wont have to remember to change it again later. Im using x12 now. By the way.... Happy 2021!
  12. Thanks Glen and Dermot for the replies and help. I just upgraded to X12 Friday so Im learning so many new features and ways of doing things, so its taking a little longer to navigate around. I appreciate your time, thanks again.
  13. I noticed on chiefs sample working drawings they have the wall legend. I know in chief it creates automatic door and window schedules but does it also do the wall legends? I cant figure out how they made the wall legend look so good like the program generated it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi Dermot, Thanks for the reply, I will go check that out!
  15. Thanks for the reply Chopsaw. Yeah the way its set up it is making it more confusing then I last remember it. I will try and go into plan defaults like you suggested and look around. I was trying to apply the callout defaults to certain items in the plan to see if that would work but it didnt turn out the way I wanted. Thanks again for the reply!
  16. No your not the crazy old man haha! A lot of us have been complaining about the stair tool for over a decade. In my opinion, its one of the oldest most outdated tools still on chief. Im not sure why many other things have been updated yet stairs seems to be the old antique they like to leave on the shelf as is. I agree with all your complaints and opinions on it. Lets hope X13 finally gets an overhaul on the stair tool!
  17. I remember in past versions an easier way to put the different shaped window and door callouts into the defaults. I looked on X11 at the callout defaults but I am missing how to apply those shaped callouts to windows and doors. This process had to have changed a few versions back because I dont remember it being a complex process. I watched the training videos, looked at the help link but couldnt find what Im looking for. Thanks in advance!
  18. EEK! Have any of you read the user agreements? Ill pass and wait for chief architect to integrate similar software into chief!
  19. Eric, when I click on the first link this is what I see... It says "try" for free. Im not seeing the freeware version everyone is talking about.
  20. I just found this chief topic today and clicked on the substance player link but now it appears to be an adobe product that you have to buy as it say "try" for free. Does anyone know of another program or version that you spoke about earlier when this post started that is freeware?
  21. Thank you for the reply Dermot and also the recommended video. I was adjusting the dimension defaults just trying to figure out how to get them to look like the examples in the Chief plans PDF gallery, those sizes are exactly what Im looking for.