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  1. Thank you Kilgore for your response!
  2. Lately, Ive selecting cad detail from view in chief to clean up some of the lines in the section views. Is there a way to save those changes I made in the cad view so I can come back to that same exact view again later? I tried saving it with the plan but then all the changes get deleted. I even thought by sending them to layout they would be saved but later I would just have to go back in there and do the work again. There must be a simpler way. Any ideas? Thanks, Chad
  3. Lew, can you explain the process of view to cad a bit more?
  4. Thanks for all the advice, I don't use this feature often so I will have to research some of these techniques to see what works best. Ive never done the view to cad before. Richard, what did you mean when you said a zero depth back clipped cross section?
  5. Does anyone know how to 'clean up' cross sections? If I do a cross section of the middle of a house, there are extra lines that clutter up the cross section. Everyone in the office is an autocad fan and they are trying to make every argument to stop using chief as im the only one who knows how to use it and loves it. when they show an autocad file of the same cross section compared to chiefs, I can see their argument of it looking cleaner. Is there a way I can get rid of the excess lines and make this cleaner and more consistent? Thanks, Chad
  6. Great ideas for alternatives. Thank you!
  7. David, thanks for the reply. Your the one with all the answers to my posts today thanks!
  8. David, Thanks for the reply. So if you have items you want to use from the electrical library, that isn't in the cad blocks library what would be your method of transforming these into cad blocks that could be moved around?
  9. Im working on a plan that includes an attic area with FAU and electrical and gas switches. The only way I can currently demonstrate this is by placing a revision cloud around the items and place them on a wall with side notes. Also, I noticed you cant place switches, outlets etc unless its on a wall. Is there a way to show this in a revision cloud for the attic without having to place on a wall? The engineer team wants the drawings this certain way and I cant get chief to place the electrical items but on a wall below the attic. Any ideas? Thanks, Chad
  10. Does anyone know how to customize the wall section views in X5? For example, if I want to only show the cabinets along a very long wall with nothing else on it, I cant seem to be able to trim the view to only the cabinets, it has the cabinets plus the very long blank wall? Any ideas? Thanks, Chad
  11. Thanks everyone for the replys! One of the issues is what Mick had mentioned about default setting at 95% and the second was that the printer for some reason needed to be cleared through chiefs print menu. Once those two things were completed everything is working and turning out perfect. Thanks so much for all the helpful feedback.
  12. Thanks for the reply Joseph. Both are set with 36 x 24 paper. Im trying to print them 1/4 scale but the chief page is slightly off from 1/4" by just a bit. Cant figure out why its not scaling properly.
  13. I finally was able to print the pdf but the scale seems to be a bit smaller then the autocad printed page. It seems off just a bit. I overlaid the two pages, one autocad and then the chief pdf and it appears the chief print is slightly smaller. How do I accurately get it to print the actual size I want to scale? Does this need to be address in page setup in chief or is this need adjustment in the pdf printer section?
  14. Thanks Joseph. I will look into these.
  15. Does anyone know how to save layout files to PDF in chief X5? I read the directions and tried it but it wont work. Im not sure if I have the wrong PDF driver or what. I wish chief had the option to save to pdf, that would be great. Thanks Chad