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  1. Ken, no problem your welcome was glad I could help. Everyone on Chieftalk always helps me and then helps everyone before I can get to it. So you were the first time in my history of being on chief talk I was the first one to help so I was excited about that. I made the window from scratch. Just a quick description on how I did it …. Made the window a fixed window for the size you were looking for 6’ x 31”. Then I clicked on “shape” lowered the one side of the window. I then build a gable roof and set it at 4/12. I then clicked the window dbx “match roof slope” and the window auto measured to match the roof pitch. So glad I was able to help. Good luck on your project and have a great day!
  2. Hi Ken, here is the window you requested. I tried to get it as close to your measurements but without going beyond 6' wide and keeping it at the 4 pitch it ended up being 28" tall. Heres the plan with the window so you can adjust it to your needs. Hope this helps. Window.plan
  3. Thanks for that reminder Michael! I called tech support and due to the inconsistency that sometimes happens with the libraries things can get lost in the search. For example in the library Quarry Mill, is Quarry Mill but in the library search/ Filter its "The Quarry Mill". Ive noticed this especially with bonus libraries it might be bonus tiles and then in the library its materials Chevrons and Herringbone. So I said it might be a good suggestion to just keep the name the same all the way through so its easier to find and the filters dont get messed up. Has anyone else found any missing libraries in the filter? Tech support told me if I find anything else to call back and let them know.
  4. Thanks Mick for confirming this. I did notice quite a few were missing but I was sure I just wasnt using the filter correctly. Yes, I have every single available library content in my library so not sure whats going on with the filter. I will give Chief a call this week. Thanks again for confirming this!
  5. Does anyone know what to do when the library filter wont pick up certain libraries to add? For instance I was putting together a filter for materials and Quarry Mill catalogue isnt even an option on the list. I have it in my library browser but the filter, when building it new doesnt show that option to add. Ive seen this several times too in the bonus library with other libraries. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thank you Dermot and Eric! Your right Dermot, X13 has changed the function of the door. Here I was trying all the solutions of past versions and I was like whats going on. It was kind of funny my reactions to it not behaving the same. Thanks for helping me out!
  7. Does anyone know the secret of how to get the door casing off the exterior side of the door if Chief thinks the door is inside because its an enclosed "porch" area. I have tried to rename the porch to nearly everything from balcony to unspecified but it wont allow the exterior casing check in the dbx to be unchecked. The windows respond to allow for casing to be removed but not the doors. Any ideas?
  8. Hi Michael, yeah not sure if its an object in my plan thats causing it or what. The railings act normal once nearly everything is deleted not sure about the frieze molding issue. Yeah I might send it in if I cant figure out whats causing it.
  9. Right I agree Eric. I think its a corrupted plan file. I erased nearly everything on the plan and my railing issue I had in another post, started to act normal again. I might just do copy paste into a brand new plan to clear it up. I actually was going to post the plan regarding the railing issue but when I erased nearly everything it stopped the issue so something is making things not work properly. That was just for the railing though not sure about the roof moldings. I went to delete the entire roof plan and nothing I could do would take off sections of the roof molding. So it sounds like a bad file.
  10. Thanks Chopsaw. Thats why I couldnt find the DBX because there isnt one its the wall width! Thanks for the reminder Chopsaw!
  11. I remember in past versions of Chief you could offset a railing to move it inward. I sometimes use this to move the railing away from the foundation edge or balcony edge to offset the size of a larger posts so they dont hang over the edge. Does anyone remember how to do this in X13? Thanks in advance!
  12. Thanks for the reply Chris... Ill check that out. I was playing around with wall adjustments to see if that made a difference but unfortunately it didnt. Maybe I just have a plan file thats corrupt. I might just do copy paste into a brand new plan if I cant resolve it.
  13. Hi Ryan! Thanks for the reply. No this roof was automatic and I usually use the automatic ones and then alter if needed. For me this has always intermediately happened on all versions of chief and I can usually figure out whats going on. For me if I used different sized walls or railings usually affect the molding. Ill continue to explore it and see if I can find out why this ones not working this time. I wish the moldings on the roof dbx were able to be adjusted in 3d like a polyline molding just to make it a bit easier.
  14. Over the years, Ive noticed periodically a roof frieze molding acts up like in the pictures. Usually, I just ignore it, or will manually place a molding to hide the gap. I found a lot of times it happened because below that roofline there was a balcony with a railing that would mess it up. This time there is no balcony railings just windows yet on the same house one corner is fine while the other the molding stops. Does anyone know why this occurs randomly? Thanks in advance!
  15. Thanks so much for all the help and guidance on this, I appreciate it!
  16. Is it just me or is the Material eye dropper broken when it comes to tinting chiefs sand stucco? Usually the material eye dropper works like magic on nearly anything from siding to paint. However when I select any of chiefs stuccos, in particular I was using the sand choices, once you apply a color to it, it erases the texture. I also tried several times to make sure I had the correct "tint" brush roller on and not just applying the color but had the same result. Is anyone else having this happen? Thanks!
  17. This is my first MSI and it has the RTX 3080 Ti video card and its smoking fast. My last computer was an alienware Aurora R3 with two Nvidia GTX 580 cards and it lasted well through X12 totally reliable and really fast for old school tech. My recommendation is to call several custom computer builders and ask about the pros and cons of different manufactures. Thats what I did and they all recommended MSI, so I figured Id try them out once and see if I like it.
  18. Another item I couldnt find using the L and U auto stair tool is customizing the width of the stair? Like in the dbx where it asks about clockwise, split landing etc it would be nice to allow for width resizing. Im guessing the only way to change this would be through stair defaults but then it would change all your stairs moving forward. This would be a nice added feature besides the one talked about above for the stair dbx. If there is a way to change the width of a stair using the auto tools please let me know. Thanks!
  19. Joe I agree with you 100% and thank you for letting me know.
  20. Hi Eric, thanks for the reply and reading recommendations. The posts talk about the issue in X12... do you know if any changes have been made in X13 to fix this?
  21. I was watching training videos on some of the new features on Chiefs X13 stair tool... thank you chief there are a lot of stair improvements! I was trying to see if using the new U stair tool can make a certain stair that I was looking for. The stair I wanted to create using the U stair tool is the one on the bottom I created manually. The three on the top were the only ones I was able to create using the U tool. For some reason the 3rd stair is the closest I could come but when you open that stair DBX it doesnt acknowledge the middle step in the landing as another stair so you cant customize the size. I finally gave up and figured Id post the question here because I dont know if I can get this result from the U tool. Thanks in advance!
  22. Thanks Chopsaw! Third time was the charm... I opened and closed Chief 3 times and on the third time the font was picked up and back to normal. Not sure why it took 3 times but who cares it works now....whoo hooo! Thanks for the reply!
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    Does anyone know if we must import fonts we like into chief? I got a new computer and it didnt have the font I use to use for layouts so I brought it in and added it to the computers fonts and its in there. However when I go to layout it says the font isnt available on this computer. When I click on the chief dbx to search for it, its not there. Yet when I search the computer the font says available. What am I missing? Thanks in advance!
  24. I'll message you about the computer!
  25. Thanks Glenn. Yeah I have to say Im behind the curve as I just started using x13 a couple weeks ago as I got a new computer that could run it. I will start to look for some of the new features so I can better get to know the new version. Thanks again for your insight and help!