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  1. Thanks so much for the help Glenn! Yes that was it the stud layers to framing. Ive never had to change that before so it makes me wonder why in some plans I have that wood showing through the sheet rock when other times I dont? I checked chiefs default new plan and the stud layer isnt selected for framing yet you dont see the wood coming through the sheet rock. Any ideas why this happens occassionally? Thanks again for finding what the problem was on this... it was really bugging me. I appreciate all your time and efforts.
  2. Found the answer... it was the color preferences.... colors and then selection line.
  3. WOW! Thanks for all the replies. Doug that was quick of you to find a fix... now its making me think I need to polish up on my roof skills for sure. Doug thanks for including a sample plan to view. Can I ask for some insight on how you got control over the roof planes to create this? Everytime I would select walls for certain roof types (gable or other) it would then change the other roof planes. Sometimes I find it hard to get the roof right thats why whenever I see an interesting roof line I try and recreate it in chief so I can try and learn new ways of using the tools. Thanks again for all the replies!
  4. Thanks for the reply Robert. Im hoping in the future the new rendering engine can include the shadows, just makes it easier for the one stop render shop. Thanks again for the help!
  5. I just started using X13 in the last two weeks and decided to play with the new real time raytracing. I was trying to recreate plan scenes from past versions of Chief to see the different results. This one picture is from 2015...not sure what chief version that was, the other without tree shadows is from X13. I was so excited that RTRT was not going to have the geometric shape tree shadows that PBR had. For some reason I cant get any of the same landscape trees I have in this plan to create shadows. Is there a selection Im missing to get the shadows of yesteryears chief? Thanks in advance!
  6. Ok, a different plan and it started to do the see through wall studs. I tried changing the wall layers from main wall layer to others but it didnt seem to make a difference. Look at how the base molding also wont wrap either. Last time I closed that plan down and reopened it and the problem went away, this time it persists so I wanted to post as soon as it replicated again. Thanks in advance! Example.plan
  7. Sometimes when I see interesting roof configurations I often try and think of how I can achieve that in Chief. Usually once playing around with chief for a bit I can figure it out. Heres one that has me puzzled. I tried to recreate the hip/gable at both ends of the house. I cant seem to figure out how to do this. I know this isnt important for me to accomplish but its the principal at this point like how the heck do I do this roof in chief! Heres the link to the picture I saw of a homebuilder model. Then my unsuccessful chief recreation. Not close!,1 Any ideas?
  8. Is there a way to separately change temporary auto dimension colors without changing all dimension colors? I changed my background color to a dark gray to ease up on the eyes from the bright white background but now its hard to see the temp dimensions. Any ideas?
  9. No problem Glenn. Actually I tried even copy pasting the plan out of the old x11 plan into a fresh x13 and the problem persisted. Yet, today when I opened the original plan (the pictures in my first post) the walls look normal and have no issues. So maybe its because I just got this new computer and it was a glitch? Im not sure but am just going to plug along with the plan and if it persists again I'll update here. I thought it was the wall definitions yet today the plan that was having issues looks normal so i dont know how to explain that one. If anything comes up again I'll post more details. Thanks for the help.
  10. Hi Glenn, There arent any issues with X13 as long as you create the new wall types in X13. The only pictures I have are the ones in my first post and thats with the wall definitions of X11 brought into X13. I just noticed if I created the same walls in X11 and X13 even in 2d the way the material wraps the wall is a bit different. So I guess Ill just recreate the walls again in X13. Im actually still trying to test out what the issues might be... maybe its bringing forward old plans into X13 with old wall definitions. I tried reimporting the wall definitions again and now Im not seeing the stud in the one plan. So I cant figure out what variable is causing it... the old plan brought forward to X13, the old X11 wall definitions brought to X13 or something else. I dont have much time to keep investing on looking for this so I might just use Alans great idea of turning of stud layer in the camera view just to get a quick fix if I see that happen again.
  11. Wow! Thank you for all the ideas about these corner doors. These are extremely popular here in California in new homes and I could never find a good looking working around for this. Thanks for sharing!!
  12. Dermot, I noticed that Eric noted that raytrace has better results than RTRT. I just started using X13 and thought these were the same thing just instantaneous results. Is there a big difference in results? Obviously the biggest difference is the time between the two.
  13. I did more testing with the walls and it appears that when I imported wall definitions from x11 it gave me that result. When I recreated most the walls fresh in X13 I didnt get the same results. I even imported X11 wall definitions in plus created them again in X13 and even if they are identical walls they appear slightly different even in 2d and the x11 walls you can see the studs like in the pictures. I guess each version that comes out its best to redo all the walls. Alan, thank you for that idea. I didnt think of that but thats what Im going to do next time I see that because I cant keep redoing walls with each version. Thanks for the replies and recommendations!
  14. I tried other walls in the plan and it seems to get the base molding wrapped but you could still see the wood studs in the wall. I think what I will do is just do edit area all floors and copy and paste the entire plan in a brand new fresh plan because it seems like this one might be buggy and have some inconsistencies already. It must be some wall definitions that are off or something. I appreciate all the replies!
  15. Ive seen this issue on and off with different chief versions over the years but cant figure out how to solve it in X13. If I dont want casing/jamb on this doorway I can take it off but then it shows the wood studs in the wall. If I add casing/ jamb it removes the base molding. Im looking for a casing and jamb free doorway with just drywall but I also want the base molding to wrap. I tried just painting the jamb with drywall material but then it makes it even more evident that the base molding is no longer there. Does anyone know the magic in X13 to get it to work like previous versions?
  16. Thanks Facter for the reply. Yeah we tried that before but it changes almost everything but the library background color. I think we might have lost the ability to change the library background. Ill keep trying different things to see if i can get it to work.
  17. I was hoping someone had an idea for this... have we lost functionality with this old way of changing the background color? Any ideas??
  18. Wow! You guys are starting to talk me into the 4K monitor now. So how much of a difference between the regular uhd monitor vs 4K do you notice? Yeah I saw a 4K tv there that was 43” that was 4K and I was going to get it but then remembered about what the chief tech dept told me about everything appearing really small. When you adjust the resolution on the 4K does it look really good? Since you’ve had both monitors I’d love to hear your experience with them.
  19. I tried yesteryears remedy of changing the background color in the library browser and what worked in previous versions isnt working now?? Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  20. Hi Rob, When I called on chief tech guy told me 4k can appear to make the items on the chief dashboard too small, thats why I didnt go for the 4k. However after i got a differrent monitor another chief tech person said they had worked that out. So you might want to call to get clarity on what would be best for your needs using Chief. I found the new monitors were leaps and bounds better than my old flat screen so anything was better. the 4k were also hundreds of dollars more. Im super happy with the curved monitor. At first I thought it might be a marketing gimmick but decided to get it just to try one out and now I love it and wouldnt go back to a flat screen again. Perry, good luck with your new Alienware! I had literally zero issues with mine big or small for about ten years then in the last six months Ive had a few issues like needing to reinstall windows and a cooling fan but not bad for ten years of heavy duty everyday use. So what Alienware did you order? Your computer now from your signature line looks pretty amazing as is! Its always a bit uncomfortable to get a new computer because I always like to get the highest model so its pricey but then I dont need to replace it for ten years. The reason I got the MSI was several friends including chief tech said they were really good computers. My friend had told me the RTX 3080Ti graphics card was $2000 stand alone and it would cost near $4500- 5000 to build the whole computer with what I ordered. Luckily they had some shipping delays and they reduced the price of the computer so I got it for $3100! What a deal! That was just for the tower, keyboard and mouse. Total out the door with everything including monitor, speakers, tax and shipping was about $3600.
  21. Im so excited, I just loaded Chief X13 on my new computer. I went from my nearly 10 year old Alienware Aurora R3 Nvidia GTX 580 graphics cards to this (specs at signature). What a difference! I loved my Alienware it was problem free for ten years but starting to be slow in Chief. Its always fun to get something new that you use everyday. I love seeing all the new goodies in X13, I wasnt able to use it when I bought it at the beginning of the year because it wouldnt run on my old system. I wanted to thank all the tech support crew at Chief that helped guide me to find the right computer for optimal Chief performance, I appreciate it a lot! I hope everyone has a great Christmas with their families this week!
  22. Thanks so much for the reply Ryan, I will give that a try!
  23. Lately, Ive been seeing disappearing sliders/stackers walls that meet together without a post or wall. I tried doing this in Chief but wasnt able to do it without a lot of using symbols seperate and invisible walls. Is this even possible to do in chief without having a corner post to create the two seperate door sets?
  24. Thank you both for your replies, I like both suggestions and will give them both a try. Thanks again!
  25. Does anyone know how to get chiefs pocket doors to line up with the airspace in the center of the wall versus the stud wall? I havent had to use these kinds of disappearing walls in chief, usually I use the stacking ones. Also, I know it depends on the width of the opening of the door but whats the normal wall composition for these larger pocket doors? Is it standard 6" double framing with the airspace in the center according to the width of the door size? Sorry to all the master framers... Im a designer so not always an expert on the framing details.