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  1. Can anyone tell me why I have all these custom tool bars in this list?
  2. I know light doesn't pass thru wood. Lighting cant be installed to each shelf even if they are hidden behind a dropped front lip because these shelves are adjustable. If they were fixed, it would work but not in these situations with adjustable shelving. The LED tape would be installed vertically behind the front cabinet face frame like in my attached photo.
  3. Its an image versus a symbol
  4. Perfect. Thank you very much
  5. Does anyone have a curved hood with banding like the one I have attached. We are doing a black hood with gold banding. Thanks for any help Rob
  6. After 20 years my user library is large and I probably use it 50% of the time as I've created catalogs for particular tile vendors that are not in the mfg or bonus library. same with custom cabinet lines.
  7. Does anyone create a new folder in their user library to keep just the materials and possible symbols that has been added just for a single client project. These would possibly be items that I don't want to permanently keep in my library. I have three designers and each may add materials, I figured placing all these materials in a client specific folder would help keep us better organized. I have our master library on One Drive and linked / synced to all our computers but wanted to make it easy for anyone looking for a material for a particular project they can just go to that client folder in the user library. If a material seems to be one we may use again we can then move it to a permanent folder and the others not be used in a final plan would just be deleted from the library. See attached. Thanks Rob
  8. Its only a 36" and when you widen it to 60 the duct cover become way too wide
  9. I did this with a few PS. It may get me by for now
  10. Does anyone have an island hood that is 60" with this contemporary look? Thanks
  11. Does someone have an easy way to add vertical LED strip lighting to the interior of a cabinet with wood shelving. They would be installed to the back side on the cabinets face frame so with a cabinet like a bookcase with wood shelving (See attached) each shelf area would be lit. If you put a standard strip light in the top it works fine transmitting thru glass shelves but with wood the only area that is lit is the very top section. I can create it with a PS and manually position it inside the cabinet but it does take time to get it in behind the doors and the actual strip not seen in renderings. Thanks
  12. I took some PS cylinders and overlaid them on top of the stainless handles. Quick redneck work around
  13. Yeah but not the fill series and you cant change just the handle material.
  14. Would anyone happen to have the GE Cafe series wine frig, Cafe oven , Advantium oven and 42" frig with the brushed bronze handles?
  15. Thank you for all the advice... With all the warnings and unnecessary risk of crashes, I think I will just leave it alone since it doesn't seem to be causing an issue. I was just wondering why it was like that.
  16. I know this is probably a basic question but how can one increase the line thickness of an arrow leader line? Changing the arrow size is easy enough in the dbx but what about the line itself? I guess any individual line for that matter. Thanks
  17. Thank you for all the suggestions
  18. This is not causing any issues but just curious. Why are there duplicates of the same materials in the plan material list. If its the same material, shouldn't it only be shown once? See attached. Thanks
  19. The csv did work but has to be totally reformatted to move into Excel. I didn't know if there was a better way to quickly look at the time versus exporting a complete report then formatting into a usable spreadsheet
  20. Is there a way to run a time report to show how much time has been put into a plan by different designers? Designer 1 is X, Designer 2 is Y. Also when I try to view the time from one date to another (Start to end) I select the start date but when I then select the end date the start date also changes to whatever end date I have selected. (See the attached screenshot)