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  1. I have SSA but I usually wait a few more months before upgrading to a new version to give more time from them to work out the bugs. Its just been so busy I have not had the time it takes to do the whole time consuming merge.
  2. Try this one. I brought into X-12, changed the materials Storm Room.calibz
  3. The SKP worked fine. Just had to change the materials
  4. That looks great. Thanks a lot
  5. Does anyone have a symbol of a freestanding tornado room like the photo attached. Thanks
  6. I am working on an outdoor kitchen design and we will be installing an EVO flat top grill and a Memphis pellet smoker. Ive attached phots of each and was hoping someone may have a symbol or something very close. Thanks
  7. Ive never had this happen before. I imported some mfg libraries and instead of loading into the mfg catalog they loaded into my user library. Anyone else??
  8. Hasn't been much interests or not many in DFW
  9. A few questions when inserting a shower niche into a shower glass pony wall. First, has not happened in the before but when I insert the niche it shows sitting on the floor like a door. ( know the niche is technically a door) However when I pull it up to the height I need it off the floor there now appears to be framing across the bottom of the niche. See attached I am using a niche I've used for years Second... This has always happened and nothing new. When inserting a niche into the shower glass pony wall that has a wall cap, it deletes the section of wall cap above the niche. Ive always just deleted the entire wall cap and used a PS. Does anyone have a better way?Niche.plan Niche.plan
  10. Not sure what I did but does anyone know how to turn off the angle snap indicator lines. Any wall, line or sysmbol placement I get this
  11. Very high end home with $80K in cabinets so everything is very custom and no snap on toe kicks. We have used the adjustable feet before and they work well but don't want to use on this $350K kitchen Thanks
  12. Im doing a large downstairs project with a lot of new cabinets. The area we will be working in currently has 3/8-1/2" tile floors. We will be extending the nail down hardwood flooring from the other parts of the house into these areas thus raising the finished floor height. This is slab on grade so there will be 3/4" plywood placed on the slab first the 3/4" nail down hardwood flooring bring the finished floor up to 1-1/2" thick. With tile flooring we normally set cabinets on the slab and then tile up to them. Obviously don't want to do this with thick HW floors. I would want to have the bottom of the cabinet set at 1/4" below the top of the finished wood floor. What do others do... Change the finished floor height down to 1.25" and set all cabinets to finished floor height or leave the finished floor height at the 1.5" and then set the cabinets 1.25" off the slab (floor). Both will work but curious what others do. Thanks
  13. Does anyone know where in the library, has the symbols or know the best way to show a wall cabinet with an appliance garage with doors? I've got a roll up style in my place but the client would prefer doors . Im looking for a tilt up then push in style door or a pocket door to show in the plan. See the attached pics. This is a Q&A and a symbol question but thought I would put it in this forum.
  14. Files from the X12 Data Folder? I must be brain dead this morning. Thanks Eric
  15. Also in the future if you have a symbol question its better to post in in the Symbol forum versus the Q & A. You'll get much better response
  16. Actually from Dave with Chief Tudor. He's very active on here LOTS of good symbols, how to videos. Lots of free symbols and lots of member only symbols. $100 for a lifetime membership. Ive been a member for about 5 years His website Here's his profile....
  17. Will this work 5 Panel Glass Door.calibz
  18. I got a new laptop and have copied my templates, default settings, layers, etc. But how can I get my custom toolbars copied over. In the toolbar configurations there is an import option but not an export.
  19. Thanks. Im needed something a bit more 3D
  20. Is it possible to create a 3D tile like I've got attached in Substance Player? If not, does anyone know where I could find a seamless tile texture showing lite / white grout lines?