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  1. Would anyone happen to have a hood that looks like this one? (see attached) I have some and found some on 3D WH but all the ones I have or found have both curved front and sides. I need one with a curved front and flat sides with the banding and trim.
  2. Maybe I shouldve asked, If you add an additional column from the pre-loaded column names or a custom column, where do you enter the text so it shows in those columns? I added cabinet type but where do you enter that information? Or if I wanted to specify where in the kitchen a cabinet belongs (that is not a separate room)... Island, bar, pantry, etc.
  3. How can one change the text in a schedule. I've added custom columns but where can you enter the information that goes into that column? Even an existing column such as description, I dont see anywhere it can be changed. Instead of Utility Cabinet, I want it to show Pantry Cabinet or Linen Cabinet or whatever. There is a location in the cabinet dbx to enter comments or notes but not description
  4. Thanks Susan. I assume to have different Letters such as an I to signify the Island, W for walls, B for base and T for talls, P of panels, I would have to have all these on their won separate schedule. I tried to add a colulmn for room type but you cant enter those manually the island is in the kitchen then the room type would be kitchen. If a column lets say Location could be added then I would sperate the island, base, walls and talls that way.
  5. Can the C1, C2 and so on be assigned to certain cabinets versus allowing the program to auto assign. Right now I have C1 next to cabinet C39. Can and entire run of cabinets be C1, C2, C3......? Also on the schedule there is a column for notes/comments. Where can those comments be entered. Obviously I have not used schedules that often. Thanks for all the help
  6. Ok so I can change the name of the callout that appears on the schedule. B for base, W for walls, T for talls and so on
  7. Looks great Eric. My wife designs furniture for a few lines and has her own private line. She is wanting to be able to find those specific furniture symbols and fabrics. A lot of other design software like 2020 and MyDoma have a lot more furniture mfg. in their libraries as they are more geared for interior design. I know we got Kravit recently and its a bit on the mid to higher line. She was interested in a few of these other software's that do have an expanded furniture mfg selection. Not to replace CA but there have been several furniture pieces that I've been able to find something close and try to reproduce a seamless screenshot of the fabric but again close but missing, especially with raytrace you can tell. Im not looking to switch from CA ever. Its mainly for the designers with interior design only clients.
  8. Good Weekend Morning to All... I had one of my designers work on a cabinet layout and get the cabinet schedule ready for ordering. I would ask her but she is on vacation. Cabinets in plan view have a specified label assigned to each. In this case she labeled one PO Trash for a trashcan pullout, however in plan view it is showing a different label of C45. C45 is also what is showing on the schedule. Am I missing something? Is there somewhere else this C45 label is located to allow it to be changed? If I need to upload the plan I will but its a bit large. Thanks
  9. Thanks. What the difference between setting it as a callout and not a callout
  10. While in plan view, and your elevation cameras are visible, is there a way to keep the camera icon and the label but not have the line on each side of the camera which I assume is the camera clipped width. I didnt know if they were on a different layer. When you get several cameras you are using in the plan all these lines get in the way and clutter thing up.
  11. We are a design build company and I several interior designers on staff and we are increasing our interior design only offerings on top of our remodeling. My wife which is also an interior designer and was the president of ASID for the state of Texas and now sits on the national board and has a lot of industry contacts. You of her friends started a company called MyDoma Studios which is a design software for interior design only and does not compare to CA with 99.9% of it capabilities. However, its rendering engine is something else and very user friendly setting up 4K renderings and live VR walk thrus. Long story short is the only way to get a Chief plan imported into it to create these high end renderings and walk thrus is to first convert it to a .skp plan as its not directly compatible with Chief. I have never done it this or is it easily done. I'm basically looking for a program to do much better photo realistic renderings and have something for our interior designers to use on an iPad while at a clients house and not as overwhelming as Chief for someone that's never used it. On a second note, as far as renderings, I truly wish I has the skills and knowledge to make all the setting changes, material property changes, lighting and so on to get much better realistic renderings. But when it comes to material classes, diffuse, specular, roughness, emissiveness, all the different maps and so on I don't even know what these mean or what they do. Its kinda embarrassing since I've used CA sine 1999 with version 7.0 Ive watched a CA training video series on lighting, raytrace, physically based. I had a plan open and made the same setting changes that was shown on the video but in the end mine didnt compare to the video as I assume the plan they started with already had a lot of other camera and material settings made to start with.
  12. Can someone tell me how to change the font size of camera labels. X-14 Thanks
  13. I guess this idea was not as good as I had hoped for
  14. This may need to go in the symbol forum. If so I'll move it. I had a question. When you download a symbol from 3D WH does anyone select more details and also download the finishes? I have downloaded a lot from 3D but so many times like faucets you only have one have a single material and when assigned a material the entire fixture is that material such as stainless. Alot of symbols have multiple materials as they should but each part of the faucet is not specified such as handle, spout, main body and so on. I have attached several screenshots and hopefully they make sense. Basically I would like to download a symbol and when imported it looks like the real thing. An if the finishes are downloaded can they be renamed? Right now one is... 0f977798-eb13-4bb6-a857-fca56448de97.skm which is Brizo's Luxe Gold finish and I would like to rename it as such.
  15. Blanco would be nice. It's earlier to find a similar sink and change the material versus and tub.
  16. Great thanks. Do use many Blanco sinks? We use tons of them
  17. I got that. A lot to go thru just for that one symbol. Figured I would just find close as possible substitute. Thanks
  18. I just looked and they have several formats but all seem only to be 2D dwg, dxf. One for the front, Left, Right and top
  19. We had a client that wanted this in their bedroom. He had the pulldown unit that the TV mounts to. It was supposed to be a fully enclosed pulldown unit. We followed the install instructions and all we had to do is a little ceiling joist modifications to create the pocket for the unit to slide up in to and add an outlet in the attic for the unit to plug into. It was about a month later he called us and said when the unit was in the closed position up in the attic (In Texas attics can get to 160-200 degrees) the heat was so high it fried the TV. When he pulled it down the TV was so hot he couldn't touch it. He wanted to keep it and buy a new TV. I told him I had a plan, we went into the attic and framed a large box 72 x 42 x 16 around the pull down unit, applied 1" insulated panels to the exterior of our new box, sealed it like an AC plenum and once done applied spray foam insulation over the entire thing. It probably had a rating of R-60 if not more. Since then almost two years ago he's had no issues. The mfg. should make this part of their install instructions or make their units with better insulation. Bottom line.... if its recessing up into an uninsulated space make sure its well insulated.
  20. LOL. Above my paygrade!!! Not exactly sure what you mean. Never done it. Ill just specify it on the tile plan.
  21. We are building a curved tub deck for a drop in tub. The face and top will be tiled. We use the Schluter system and their tile trim profiles to finish off the unfinished edges. How can I add this curved trim to the front nose of the tub deck? I created the tub deck will a 3D solid but cant figure out how to create the radius trim in the same curve as the tub deck.
  22. Bain Ultra tubs. American Standard, MTI tubs, Jacuzzi. Only having Kohler makes it slim.