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  1. This is a house that my son and I are refurbishing and we need to submit floor plans and this is not a perfect rendition of the home but good enough for a permit but I need to add a second and third floor.
  2. I have tried that and even shut the computer down and re-started it. I thought that because I have the entry level version it was an unavailable option. Usually I don't even see those menu choices
  3. When I select the Build- Floor -Build New Floor button I do not get the pop up pictured below (screen shot of a help video). After doing this if I click on my plan I get the same ping sound you get if you leave a dialogue box open. I have run the plan check to make sure that there are no gaps in the walls but it was of no help. Any ideas?
  4. I have designed a house that I would like to build in Buford, GA (own the lot already). The version (Home Designer Suite 2018) of CA that I bought does not have everything I need. I have completed the floor plan, electric plan, and started a foundation plan (attached here). I need the following completed and would like a quote for this work: A second gable added to the right side of house. I have attached a pic of what I can't seem to figure out. A retaining wall that extends out of the back side of the house below the Master Bath. Foundation Plan Cross Sections Footing Details Roof Detail (plan on using trusses and truss co. may provide?) Floor Framing Plan If I am missing anything, add it to the list. Also, If you have some cool ideas on the design I am all ears. I can't figure out (or my version doesn't allow) how to spiff up the columns in the front and add terrain. Buford_Floor_Plan.plan