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  1. Gary-Doski


    Hi, Does anyone have a wainscot panel symbol for going up along side stairs?
  2. Gary-Doski

    disto D810 will not stay connected

    Who is the Room Planner tech guy? RP say version 5.0 is available but says My device is not supported?
  3. Gary-Doski

    disto D810 will not stay connected

    Well Scott used to invite me to the IBS to help with the training, but I guess Deedee and others are taking care of that now. Plus I'm really busy and don't have the time to devote. So no I'm not going to the IBS. Can you have the RP developer get in touch with me. or 203-270-0646 We can at least try to get it done on the phone and go from there if we have no luck with it? Thanks!!
  4. Gary-Doski

    disto D810 will not stay connected

    Yes, it is the only device I have. Yes, the gray box appears for connecting and disconnecting. With the proper settings it now stays connected, and the Bluetooth icon is staying blue when it is connected, but it still does not send anything to RP? Any chance we can setup a call?
  5. Gary-Doski

    disto D810 will not stay connected

    RP ver Android ver 6.0 iphone ver 11.2.1 Downloaded the Disto D810 latest firmware Yes the keyboard comes up.
  6. Gary-Doski

    disto D810 will not stay connected

    Steven, Thanks for the reply! Yes i am aware of connect within RP not in the device settings. Although the Disto is in the unpaired list of devices? I have the correct Disto settings and it now stays connected on the android, but it will not transfer any data to RP? On the iPhone it won't even stay connected. It switches back and forth connected-not connected? This seams to be hit or miss? I told Scott two years ago that this was the reason i can't use RP because it just was too undependable. I can't show up and say oh it doesn't work? where can I get help to solve this issue?
  7. What are the proper settings so the disto will stay connected? I've tried them all and can't seem to get it to connect for more than a few seconds. I'm having the same problem with my android and my ipad. So I'm guessing it's a disto setting? Can't find any hell articles about the disto settings.
  8. Gary-Doski

    Uploading sketches of our rooms

    Yes, you up load to cloud, then import in chief from the room planner import
  9. Gary-Doski

    Disto E7500i Connected but no imput is visible

    I having the same problem with getting any dims to show up? I get it connected and no dims. And it loses connection in room planner, even though IPad says it is connected? I have RP looking for "nearby devices" with no luck?? Then it suddenly connects and send over dimensions with no problems. But this only lasted 15 minutes and now it will not connect.
  10. Gary-Doski

    Room planner App

    I'm glad they have a new room planner app. But to give it to apple users only is like a slap in the face to us on windows and android devices. Are the Chief guru's planning on coming out with a windows version soon?