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  1. Nevermind, I forgot to rebuild my wall framing after making some adjustments. Everything is correct now. Solved: I kept the exterior 2x4 wall in the "main" category in wall types dialogue and moved the 4 1/2" insulation cavity and interior 2x4 wall to the "interior" category. This rendered everything accurately. Thank you!
  2. Okay, nice. That seems to have resolved the floor issue, thanks! Unfortunately, it created some odd balloon framing between the floors on the exterior 2x4 wall. Not a huge issue, but still inaccurate.
  3. I have created a 2x4 double studded wall with a 4 1/2" insulation cavity filled with dense-pack cellulose between the framing. The problem I am experiencing relates to the floor system and how it interacts with the wall. Since there are two layers of framing, the edge of the floor system (rim joists) stop at the INTERIOR 2x4 wall. I need the floor system to stop at the EXTERIOR edge of the EXTERIOR layer of framing. I tried unchecking "framing" from interior layer, and I tried changing it to a different material (Framing 2) of framing in attempt to isolate it from the exterior wall framing material (Framing 1). The only thing that kind of works is if I set "build platform to exterior of layer" to sheathing layer in the wall types dialogue, but then my framing is inaccurate because its overhanging the wall by 7/16". In the below photo, you can see how the floor system just stops at interior framing layer. Checking or unchecking "framing" in wall types dialogue for interior 2x4 wall doesn't affect floor system at all, surprisingly enough. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!