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  1. Why does text from Story pole dimensions generate at Rich Text when sending an elevation or cross section view to a CAD detail? It's a pain to have to edit it after sending to a CAD detail view. I can't see where to change it in settings for Cad detail.
  2. Probably simple but I can't get it to go away..... It it a balcony over a room below. No floor below selected. Does nothing it floor below is selected Thanks Rob X13
  3. he said the wall flipped but is not displaying correctly now......but it did correct the connection issue....
  4. I will delete all my old versions off of my computers. That is probably the issue.... do some machine cleansing.....
  5. Been a long time Lew. We used to chat years ago....... my profile was dropped awhile ago from lack of use. I had to redo my profile so it says I joined in 2016 now... I was a member back in 2004....
  6. Yeah, Lew, I am way past X10, do not use it anymore and only move forward when opening old plans...... Thanks
  7. I appreciate all your help, but you don't have to waste your time with this...... maybe I will figure it out.. I was mainly wondering if this is a common problem elsewhere? Guess not.
  8. No to your last question. I have X12 open on my laptop > open the flash drive and see the files I sent there from my desktop as X10 even though they were X12 files when sent there> I open them in X12 on my laptop > save-as (in X12) > send to a new folder on laptop > then they still show as X10 files! But when I first did it the plan file WAS saved as X12 file, but I can not replicate that again for some reason. The Layout file never converted, however. No both don't.
  9. When I get home in 6 weeks I will try that.......
  10. Oh well, it's past midnight here in Norway, so I am going to deal with it in the morning........ I live in Michigan and I am battling a little jet lag.
  11. What mystifies me is why would the file be sent to the flash drive as X10? It was that way before I even opened it on the laptop.......
  12. Yes, I am not at home . This is the machine I'm working on now. I believe I need to dig deeper into the system folders to see what's going on.........
  13. Another odd thing. When I go to the file management and associate files to this x12 version, it should be grayed out after doing it once, shouldn't it? Every time I go back to it, it remains selectable. Shouldn't it be grayed out after doing it once?
  14. Eric, I was traveling, so I put an X12 plan and layout on my flash drive from my desktop. When I am at a hotel, I placed the said flash drive into my laptop and the files both showed as X10. I went to file management as suggested and associated files to my X12 version. Then I did the following: Opened both plan and layout in X12. I did a save-as for the plan file. Put into another folder on computer. All good. Then did same with layout file.... still shows as X10! Repeated the process with the layout to double check..... now both files are back to X10. I repeated the process after deleting all saved files and both still show as X10 for some reason when I do save-as in X12. I HAD THE PLAN SAVED AS X12, BUT NOW CAN'T REPLICATE IT. IT JUST SHOWS AS X10 IN THE FOLDER I SAVED IT TO UNLIKE THE FIRST TIME.