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  1. So you can't use the auto generated stringers? I have never seen a staircase that had the stringers come above the floor.
  2. I cannot figure out how to trim the top of the stair string to be even with the floor. When the stair gets created the stringer comes to a point about 3" above the floor. Thanks for the help
  3. What is the best way to draw a curved granite counter top on top of a half wall? For instance a bar top that is 16" wide 1-1/4" thick overhanging 2" to the inside of the curve on top of a 42" half wall. I can't seem to adjust the auto cap to be offset to the 2" on the one side. The counter top command does not seem to draw curves. Do you have to draw it using poly lines? Thanks for the help.
  4. Is it possible to save a pre designed pony wall for future use? For instance a 6” high wall with a cap and glass above for a shower. Or do you have to go and change the settings every time? I would like to save several different pony wall combinations if possible (ie one with exterior stone, brick, etc.) Thanks for the help X10