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  1. Sorry, I was meaning to send that to Rosco, my bad. Peace, Jon
  2. Ryzen Master is a software available on AMD's website that can control CPU & RAM usage and overclocking. It will be slower......but still faster than 90% of the cpu's on this forum! Fully maxed out and overclocked our systems will crush most dual Xeon systems at a fraction of the cost! I have already beat some of them rendering benchmarks here. Good Stuff!! Once you get the wrinkles ironed out you will be very happy with the stability, computing and rendering power, it's the best computer I've ever had. Did you know that a Ripper is really just a Epyc processor for retail?
  3. When you start to use more intensive programs while raytracing, you might get 'bottlenecked' at the amount of RAM that you have. I regularly work using about 46 GB of RAM, and as said before the Ripper loves all the DIMM's to be filled.
  4. Here is my parts list attached. The one thing that has changed is the RAM--the new RAM is 2 kits of Corsair Dominator CMD32GX4M4B3200C16. I also have added a fan controller and custom cables.
  5. How many cores are selected to be used in the Raytrace setting in preferences? I set it for about 28 to be used and that still allows me to use intensive programs like AI, Photoshop, ID etc. Are all of your cores enabled in Ryzen Master?
  6. And just one more thing: The Ripper has a known issue with causing core temperature readings to be 5 degrees C higher than reality. Peace, Jon
  7. Just one more thing: the Ripper likes all DIMM's filled up. Look it up. I noticed a significant difference when I filled all to 64total. I know it's expensive. Just a thought. Peace, Jon
  8. Go with the Gskill. The timing is perfect for Ryzen, cas14. Look it up. I wish I got that kit, as it wasn't available when I built it. Did you get the Ripper for 7? I am thinking about building a second rig that is so cheap.
  9. Hey Rosco, I called it first. Heat is not the issue. My quad kit is approved, there is a master list available on AMD's website. peace, Jon
  10. Have you tried all the settings in-between? Try setting it around 2933
  11. I just remembered that I had a similar issue at some point and I solved it with a BIOS update. Have you tried that yet?
  12. One more question: Are you making these changes in the Ryzen Master utility or in your mobo?
  13. After re-reading your posting---it is most definitely your RAM. First, check to make sure that it is compatible with your motherboard (I think it is), then try to reseat the RAM and then run a PASSMARK or memory stress test. My winning combo was 64gb of CMD32GX4M4B3200C16 (quad channel), with the AsRock Taichi mobo.
  14. Is your RAM maxing out right before crash? Or just CPU?