sending layout plan to PDF missing wall fill

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I found the save as PDF in the print command, thanks. When the layout is converted into a PDF the wall fill is missing. I had also included a footing detail on this sheet. It has fill patterns to such as concrete, soils and sand. Those fills show up in the PDF file. Is there some setting I am missing?


Also when I print this PDF file out on my HP 750c Plus plotter, it is not printing to scale. I do not have the plotter connected to the computer that I have Chief on

so I need to print the file from another computer that the plotter is connected too. The plot is off by about 5%.  I see that one of the buttons under drawing scale is "print to paper 95%". I did not check that button, I checked off "to scale". My print setting are as follows: 


Chief Architect: Save-As PDF

Paper: Arch D

Print Source: Drawing Sheet: Arch D

Drawing Scale: To scale


I have printed PDF fills that have been sent to me form other firms and they all printed to scale. So I'm assuming that there is nothing wrong with the computer settings that I have my plotter connected too.







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I have observed some problems printing to PDF using Chief save as PDF, I have also tried Microsoft save as PDF and I have a downloaded PDF printer called "Cute PDF". When I get unwanted results I just use one of the other two pdf printer applications. I always carefully check all PDF's that I print. Not every time but often enough that I must be very careful in checking the output to PDF.


The scale thing is simple, when you  print to PDF make sure "Print to Scale" is checked and when you print a PDF make sure ""Print to Scale" is checked in the Adobe Print Dialog as well, if you miss that settings either printing to PDF or printing from a PDF you are screwed, it will "Fit to Sheet" which ruins the scaling.



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On my printer I also have to select "choose paper size by PDF" (or something similar, not at the computer). That combined with "at scale" gives me correct drawings on both printers.

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I try to make my fills on the dark side to show properly, light colors will not print well. try to experiment a little to get what you want. I print everything in color and there is a setting in preferences " Color off is grayscale" try that one.

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