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What HVAC load software interfaces with CA well that I can use to determine loads based on insulation values. If be nice to hear of some recommendations of people that back checked the software results from a monitored build for accuracy, realizing some of that is dependent on the user. 


I have an envelope (exterior walls, roof, foundation) I want to see where I am at and whether I need to thicken or re-design (materials interfaces, components) it before finishing the plan. Seems like a good idea to me anyway since I am designing healthy building $ energy efficient in hopes of getting at or near net zero. 


Having hygrothermal software sounds interesting. I have read of accuracy issues with WUFI and $4500+ is pretty steep for WUFI plus 3.0:https://wufi.de/en/webshop/



Are there other dynamic CFDs that compete with WUFI?  Anyone used any of these? 


Tuff call trying to figure where the thermal bridges are, moisture and heat dynamics, comfort, IAQ, etc....I've used some accurate CFD software for plumbing but not whole building's. 

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I think that Rescheck works with Chief as an, export from Chief and import to Rescheck, of course, here in California we can't do it, we have our own separate energy program and can't export from Chief. Rescheck is a free nation wide program, except for Calif.

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Chief doesn't do BIM interfacing very well


I have never heard of any HVAC pairing with Chief plans


check out the various file formats Chief can export

maybe one of those would work


probably best to discuss with CA's sales staff



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yep, but there is also many BIM oriented programs that are dedicated to doing HVAC analysis

that Chief can't communicate with since Chief doesn't do industry standard BIM




Lew, I guess my experience with BIMS must be different than yours. Can you please explain the interface you are referring or "BIM orientated programs" and why CA needs to interface with BIM to do HVAC load analysis? 


From the way it looks Rescheck is a steady state (r-value) for the purpose of obtaining code compliance reports that can be very misleading. I'll try and run a model. 


Any WUFI experience out there or who is there competitor? 

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I did about 5 min of google to find these










look for webinars either live or recorded and attend/watch


I have never had a need to use this type of software

but having watched/attended webinars a few years ago

I was impressed with what BIM could do for analysis, calcs

and collision detection etc




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Lew, ok, I see where you are coming from. I've been using BIMs in aircraft design at different levels for about 10 years now, it is nothing new as in building design. Just a quick review of goggle searchers I can see the similarities. 


BIMS we use as a design-build collector if you will where all sorts of design-build data can be collected and monitored over the life cycle of a program or building in this case. Large companies will benefit the most when there are several design types (structures, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc) doing an integration design.


We use ENOVIA in aircraft that collects the different design models, the CAD software is CATIA that has the different software licenses one can purchase that is not cheap. Enovia (BIMS) is integrated so that CAD and build planning, schedules, cost, etc, can all sit in one "collector" everyone has access to. There is still alot of verbal communications, meeting's, notes that go into a BIMS "work package" that everyone has access to and can add, sign, modify, per permissions granted. It really helps at holding, tracking, monitoring, empirical data for future designs and builds.


From what I read briefly in your links .dwg files and others that CA export have an interface to BIMS. I believe CA does have a BIMS future here. Seems like there are different levels where one can import/export or purchase as many license types as needed and do it in BIMS as a collect. Nothing I can see is stopping CA from developing such an integration now, or CA can interface. I think what are you are saying is CA does not have the quality design licenses to do HVAC, Electrical, plumbing, etc? I don't know I am too new to CA. In any case, I do believe there is BIMS software that all those licenses can be loaded into a collect BIMS software if large companies that have a need and can afford to do so wanted to? For example I can do the CAD design in CA and export a .dwg to BIMS, I can do HVAC in WUFI export to BIMS and use it to enhance my design, same for structures analysis and electrical loads. 


I'd say for the small home designer it's too much and too expensive since there are not many people handling the design. 


Not that I have used BIMS in building design-build so not totally sure. Anyone see it differently or have direct experience I'd be interested. 

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