Not so automatic Stairs?


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Hi ACAD (me too since Version 2.5)


To get the model correct, in plan (1st floor), widen the step over the basement stair to cover the dividing wall.  Take a look with a camera view.  You should now have an open stairway but with a railing blocking landings.  Select the landing railing you want to eliminate.  Open DBX and check "eliminate railing on this edge".


From a CAD viewpoint in the plan view, I usually turn off "stairs...." layers and make my own layer "Stairs CAD" and using cad lines, draw what I want on the plan view with break lines, up and down arrows, etc.


I think this is what you want.


BTW, I know you miss the snow there in Florida,  I have some snow here we can send if you want!



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No snow, thank you very much. :)

We can live without it.



Well the creation of the basic 2 flights of stair & two landings has eluded me.

Do you make two sets & the subtract the top off one set & the bottom off the other with the Lock top & lock bottom.

Then add landings?


I guess I need to go find the stair videos again.

I do know about dragging the wall under the stair & hope the stair stays out. :)


It seems that the two landings are giving me a fit as I try to have CA auto calc the rise.

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In order to create a "Split Landing" you will need to create 2 Landings and manually set their elevations.  Then move them into place with the first run of stairs and add the second run of stairs.  This should cause the stair sections to "bond" with the Landings at the correct heights. 


Another option is 3 sets of stairs with the middle section being just one or two treads.  Then you can just use the "Click" Landing Tool to insert two Landings.  This will actually provide a better stair having 2-3 risers in between the landings which is actually safer than a single riser which people tend not to expect.

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Here's the revised with split landing.


Tread height was 7.4375, so turn off automatic heights on the landings and set one to be 7.4375 lower than the other.  Then adjust the steps so that you get the same riser height, which ended up taking one step out of the first flight of stairs.

2748 Plan.plan

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Thanks for the feed back. Jonathan, that is how I did it in the end.


Joe, I did give up that design as I had enough room for a one level landing but seems that CA should deal with attached landings.

CA should (maybe) deal with a lot of things. ;)  It's just a matter of priorities.  I think that in most cases they look at it from a standpoint of "Can you get there with the available tools?".  If the answer is yes then the feature isn't a very high priority - unless of course enough users are screaming.  :lol:

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 I think that in most cases they look at it from a standpoint of "Can you get there with the available tools?"


Hmmm, software should be "user-friendly"


if it causes head-banging frustration then customers may move on to other software


a user shouldn't have to know the super secret methods ...



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