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End of the day trying to finish a plan up and never fails,,,,,, printing problem's


I drag and dropped a couple of PDF eng. reports onto the last layout page of the plan,,,, causing all sorts of memory problems with my HP500 hp /gl2 card.

Having the same problem printing to every PDF printer on this machine


I guess my question is, any way to decrease the size of those files, I tried turning them into jpegs thinking it might help but no go...


great feature,,,, if it works


this is in X6, last one I had kicking around b 4 I moved up to X7



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It may have nothing to do with X6 or X7 but well may be about the total RAM on your PC to service and support PDF and images. I have never  had this problem since importing of PDF files first started but our PC's probably do not match in terms of hardware. I would first suspect that before I would suspect the software.



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I would try to set the memory to "in computer" and not to" in printer". that's what I use to do, but got rid of my plotter a long time ago.

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Hi Dave

don't normally have a problem with ram on this machine,,, 12 gigs

From layout I went to select printer and found an entry in the printer list "Save as PDF" , never notice it before and don't know where it came from, dah, anyway it created the pdf almost instantly unlike the other pdf printers I tried that bogged down,,,who knew! "-)

sending the pdf to the 500 works I just leave out the layout page with the pdf's on it and print that page by it's self.... phew


thanks for the reply


Perry, yes I switched to that earlier with some success,,,,, but o so sloooow



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Not everyone has a problem with PDF's but I have had a lot of problems and found a solution that works for me in the thread below. I have to print to PDF because my older HP 110 doesn't have enough memory for a lot files, pics and PDF's. Not sure it will help you but might be worth a try.



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