Terrain-build really slowed me down. X6


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That is what it seemed to do.


I should have waited to do the terrain thing.  I was not done with all the rest, like cabinetry, structural, etc.  Had most of it all in there, but there's more to be done.


Laid in all the contour lines and the terrain built, and thus added many many many elements to my model, all those little triangles of terrain surface.  Thousands, I'm sure.  Turned my Chief operations into a grinding mess.  Zooms, pics, pans, all waiting while the little circle spins.


So I did a save-as-new to capture the model-with-terrain and then stripped the terrain out and did a save-as-same.  


All runs fine now, and when I am really done, I'll copy and paste-in-place that terrain back.  Or maybe not.  I don't need to show any topo in my plot plan.  I only did the terrain to see what I had to do with the foundation and stone-ledge-drops.


Does terrain slow you down?  Or was my problem something else.



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Yup Gene,


That was my problem after much moaning about X6 and how snaggy it was. I reworked the terrain (removed it and rebuilt it) on a large hillside project and bingo I'm flying again. Not sure why that particular job suffered as another similar project didn't seem to.   

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