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  1. Been out of the loop for a while but have just discovered the same issues as previously posted here. I settled into an new project and all my bonus library items are gone. They are no longer in the X8 Data Database Libraries folder nor the new X9 one either. Wondering if this got resolved? Or if anyone else has had this issue ? X9 library migration.pdf
  2. Nope - not in my world Perry. That work with images but not live links from plan - it just crops them and on some jobs with over 20 window configurations rescaling makes them too small identify - which kinda defeats the purpose of images. Archicad does this really well and I got excited when I saw it turn up in CA. Maybe I'm missing something here.
  3. Looks like you and I are asking the same question here Johnny
  4. Does anyone know if there is a way to break/wrap a door/window schedule [with images] so it fits at a readable scale on the drawing sheet. I realise that I can send it to layout twice and split the sheet layout boxes so it reads as one. But just wondering if there was a way to break them some other way for sending to the print layout. New Picture (1).bmp I'm liking what I'm seeing with X8 although the beta its still a bit buggy. Thanks
  5. Ok it started after several attempts and a bit of a wait - never experienced this before - ever. It would be nice to know 'why'
  6. OK now it's my turn. Nothing nada zilch except "The program is already running".
  7. Not the full answer - but you can also export the walls *.dat file to desktop or somewhere readily accessible then import into any plan
  8. Glenn – no hadn’t really played with that – but have now. Newels follow the terrain no problem but using them as stumps/piles break the rail at each post. I tried using balusters for the stumps and placing a newel on each end which looks OK but the balusters don’t follow the terrain. I also played with post to beam but it still insists on breaking the beam at each newel. I can tell by your video that you must have played around with this, let me know if you have any other ideas on following the terrain with a level bearer. The post with footings give a good look and works best with a beam on top but is a pain to copy or move as the footing don’t seem to update to the terrain once moved. Any thoughts on how to put footings under newels anyone? Ok I can see that last bits been answered.... New Picture (2).bmp
  9. Nice Glenn, Got me thinking a bit more out of the box with railings - just wondering if we might be able to use some kind of railing /slash fencing combo for sloping sites or something that follows the terrain other than juggling around with post and footings or blocking exploding and adjusting stumps and footings on hillsides
  10. Oh right - thanks Joe. Well lets get it on Doug
  11. Doug, .............. why don't you share with us how "the shape of the wall is the easy part" and how you "can imagine a lot of different ways of doing this" This would be really helpful to us who don't really know an easy way of achieving these types of walls in a workable manner.
  12. Nice Bill - thanks for that - just love the support here
  13. Thanks Bill, I knew it was in front of my nose somewhere...I'm intrigued by the macro process and will play with this and will take a few hours out to work on my own library catalogue as this seems to be a simple way of using repetitive components.
  14. Ok - I don't like the way the doors/windows are labelled in the auto schedules, so I convert the door schedule to text but it changes the numbering on the plan to labels. I thought about changing the descriptions at source as this seems to be where the auto schedule gets them but it seems that these are based on the labels from CA's library descriptions, which I can't change and mean nothing to me or the supplier. One way that does sort of work is to make a copy of the schedule and then convert the copy to text with the original auto schedule out of the layout box. This leaves my plan labels in place but the copy re-numbers the doors to CA's original sequence (I had previous changed the numbering in a sequence that reads sensibly) - so now I have to either manually change descriptions in the copy or place cad plan labels -which defeats the purpose of auto schedules really. I want the auto numbering on the plan D1,D2 etc. with my descriptions in the schedules. I can remove the descriptions and header columns and just use the comments column but can't see a way to enter comments in an auto schedule without the text conversion. The upshot is I want it to look my way not CA's way but with CA's auto capabilities - am I missing something so close to my nose I cant see it.
  15. FYI I just saved the plan and layout, shut everything down and restarted CA and its all back to behaving itself...go figure