Stairs with changes in materials/construction

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Anyone know a good way to change a single section of stairs from one material/construction method to another without effecting the connected landings/stair sections?  In the screenshot, i have a concrete exterior stair that I want the final upper section to be wood with railing and open below, but cannot figure out how to make this happen.


Thanks Todd


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At this point you have to make your auto height of the stair off, and you can replace the landing next to the upper stair by a psolid. So you can edit that stair independently.

Hope that helps, but may not be the only solution as others will post their takes on the issue.

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The easy way is to put the Landing in after setting each section to the style you want.  The Landing will then take on the characteristics of the lower section. I would still use a slab or psolid to extend the landing as appropriate.

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Just hold the shift key down when you select the upper stair section.


This will put you into "multi-select" mode.  The stair dialog will then only make changes to the selected sections and not to any of other the connected sections. 

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